C-Store Tips are based on real-life stories of family-chain owners, operators and key staff. Operators told these short insights based on years of experience.  The tips are written as stories and just sort clips. They are short and to the point. As such, they help c-store staff provide better service and get the results they need.

The best operators keep improving. Therefore, they seek out news ways to provide service. Friendly stores have smiling and friendly cashiers which welcomes customers. Additionally, these managers keep it simple and easy for staff to sell more. They also use c-store tips to control the store performance results.

The tips address hiring, upselling, motivating and cleaning. They address common sense ways to keep staff happy and run the stores well. The emphasis is on simple and easy ways to work. Team work is a given. Great service is the result.

Gift Giving and C-Store Category Managers

January 8, 2023 — 

The annual Christmas exchange means having just one relative to pick a gift. Trying to find just the right gift is always so hard. When I drew the name of my brother in law that loves different whiskeys, I knew I was in trouble. I sent a panic call to my good friend that runs

C-Store Cigarette Scan Data Software Increases Tobacco Sales

C-Store Cigarette Scan Data Increases Tobacco Sales

August 2, 2018 — 

C-Store cigarette scan data increases tobacco sales by getting rebates from Altria and RJR and by increasing your sales volume using discounts that are reimbursed to you. If you have loyalty you can dramatically increase the value by giving your clients as much as $1 per transaction – again reimbursed to you. So you get

Choosing Between Gas and Tobacco C-Store Loyalty? New managers must learn the important of scan data and loyalty programs.

C-Store Managers – What Do You Need to Increase Sales?

July 2, 2018 — 

We asked our best C-Store Managers – What Do You Need to Increase Sales? We often work with top stores that already have great customer service, nice clean stores and top results. The expectation was more money for new hires and bigger bonuses for increased sales results. We certainly heard about more money with a

Controlling Labor Hours to Match C-Store Sales

Controlling C-Store Labor Hours to Match Sales

June 13, 2018 — 

One of the most challenging jobs is controlling c-store labor hours to match sales. There are many things that are important to control in a C-Store. Getting the labor right is a key to ensure you have good operations with the labor costs that match the store sales when they happen. Too much – you

Clean Bathrooms - Do They Really Impact C-Store Performance?

Clean Bathrooms – Do They Really Impact C-Store Performance?

December 20, 2017 — 

Clean Bathrooms – Do They Really Impact C-Store Performance? I get asked this question a lot these days. I was interviewed recently. The reporter asked the question whether having a cleaning bathroom really made a difference to store sales or overall customer satisfaction. She admitted that it mattered to her and she believes that most

Tips from the front lines, now collected in one book

C-Store Tips – If You Have Time to Lean

December 19, 2017 — 

Tom Bandy has written a book about C-Store Tips – If You Have Time to Lean. These tips are collected in one book. Winning C-Store customers and keeping them is the result of smart work by everyone who works in a convenience store, from the team who keep the coolers humming to the owner. We’ve

C-Store High Performance - How Important is Appreciation?

C-Store High Performance – How Important is Appreciation?

August 18, 2017 — 

When managing C-Store High Performance – How Important is Appreciation? Firstly, High performance teams display their success on a regular basis. When you are part of such a team you become part of its environment. That is, you are recognized and engaged. As a result, you feel the sense of teamwork. Secondly, you are noticed

Image showing how to Define the Power of the Check List

The 3 C’s That Define the Power of the Check List

October 12, 2016 — 

Define the power of the check list. Everyone loves to check off a job as done. Naturally, getting a job done is satisfying. Use the power well and everyone wines. For example, c-stores use checklists.  They have duty lists in the stores. Likewise IT backup lists in the IT departments. Just about anything that must

4 Ways to Make Your C-Store Database Sell More Snickers

4 Ways to Make Your C-Store Data Sell More Snickers

September 23, 2016 — 

C-Store owners challenge data geeks to do something useful for their sales results. For example, using tools to make your c-store data sell more snickers. They often argue that data cannot sell anything or help with the real work of providing convenience. Obviously, they are right in many ways. It is the c-store staff that

Making the Effort to "Re-Zeal"

Making the Effort to “Re-Zeal”

June 29, 2016 — 

All employees of a c-store have responsibilities. Everyone is busy.  Whether work tasks or raising a family, people spend their time seeking objectives, solving problems and handling what comes to them each day.  This stress is normal life. Normal or not, the work load can sometimes become too much. At times, all staff experience burn

Image depictiging 2 Key Competitive Advantages of Owning a Small C-Store Company

Advantages of Owning a Small C-Store Company

April 5, 2016 — 

If you were to ask someone on the street “What would your rather own, a small company or a big c-store company?”, the typical answer would probably be “A big company”.  Advantages of owning a small c-store company are many. Smaller  companies have a lot of advantages that are often overlooked. First, they try different



March 16, 2016 — 

Like many, as I get older, I have to work harder to keep fit. Sadly, I found myself 5 pounds heavier after spending 6 months on a diet.  I was going backwards. Embarrassed, I decided something needed to change. As an analyst, I decided to make a plan. Surprisingly, my personal diet plan reminded me