Daily Scorecards Drive the C-Store Results

Client: Garrison Food Mart

Growth:  Grew from 7 C-Stores to 13 in 2 years. The company has experience staff that know their business. Friendly competition with a focus on good results and great service are the norm.

Background:  Garrison Food Mart is a family-run independent C-Store located in the sprawling West Texas Panhandle. It's known for hard working, helpful, and friendly people.

Daily scorecards drive the c-store results. Greg Hendricks knows c-store operations. He encourages his staff with positive feedback. Of course, good results generate profits for the chain and bonuses for the managers. Garrison’s uses daily scorecards to measure the results. They simplify decision making.

Business Issue – Time is Short

Getting vital daily information into store manager’s hands. It was taking too much time to prepare the information. Without the information, the store managers risked allowing small problems to fester. The area has many c-store options. Naturally, the family running the business felt it was important to grow to support the community. Unfortunately, many other stores were not experiencing growth.

Daily Assessment – Knowledge is Power

The managers wanted a daily scorecard to determine which parts of the store were operating well and what needed attention. Fortunately, the managers were experienced. They knew how to use information to address problems and take advantage of opportunities.

C-Store Results from Friendly Competition & Teamwork

The daily scorecard was implemented in just weeks. Immediately, the store managers received a daily email that showed sales trends by the day, week, and month. As a result, a friendly competition developed. Stores began to out perform their annual growth target. Next, the company requested and received a printable version. Finally, store managers posted it each day to share results with everyone.

C-Store Scorecard Outcomes

  • Provide simple-to-use information.
  • Support good managers that get results.
  • Measurements work. Simple data is better.
  • Pay bonuses earned from increased store profits
  • Owners support for the staff makes a difference.
  • Great tools and incentives keeps c-stores running well.
  • Data analytics help managers increase c-store traffic and sales.
  • Daily scorecards drive the c-store results
  • Greg Hendricks, Garrison Food Mart

    Having the owners support the staff and provide great tools and incentives keeps the store running well. It helps managers increase both store traffic and sales.
    Greg Hendricks, Garrison Food Mart

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