The verification of age-based selling is essential to keep stores running smoothly. Age-based sales are managed with a process that verifies cashier compliance. The documented oversight provides a way to defend results, limit fines and avoid license suspension.

Regulation and compliance requirements for underage sales (especially vapor products) are increasing. Therefore, c-store operators must  sell responsibly and keep customers happy. For example, it is not okay to ask a 60-year old regular customer for his ID every day.

Our method identifies stores and cashiers who are at higher risk of selling to underage customers. As a result, It helps clients achieve the right balance and thus  stay in compliance.

The verification – age-based selling approach covers:

  1. Base line age verification rate
  2. High-risk cashiers list
  3. Documents and process for regulators.
  4. Tracking of all ID checks
  5. Alerts for shortcuts and fake entries.
  6. Training reminders

Naturally, these lists, checks and reminders provide items to fix immediately. No one wants to have such an excessive check rate.  For example, using unneeded ID requests. Obviously, there is little need to verify the age of older customers that are well known by staff. Yet, managers cannot ignore obvious short cuts or other bad practices. If so,  they place both the cashier and the store in bad situations.

As a reminder, tools must pinpoint factual data. Hence, managers must coach with care. Great coaching uses a careful approach to show staff their development matters.

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Image of cashier performing age verification

Stay in Compliance: Age Verification in C-Stores

June 27, 2021 — 

One of the critical jobs is to stay compliance with age verification in c-stores. Age Verification Compliance Summary Situation Establish a process for age restricted sales compliance Operational Results 100% monitoring of age restricted sales transactions HR Results Objective training and assessment tools Technology POS scan data, data analytics Management Approach Objective, exception-based accountability, and