Managing C-Store Change & Accountability involves people skills, experience and objective data. Managers achieve the best results when the apply the right tools to the right problems. As such, the best supervisors balance the needs of the staff, customers and the owners. They understand the situation with objective analysis. That means, they recognize great work and use mistakes to coach and correct.

To avoid the fear of making a mistake, coaching emphasizes learning. In addition, it is much easier to keep learning on track by using the factual analysis from good data to avoid subjective or judgmental reviews. Of course, a spirit of helping and the acceptance is needed. It means that learning often requires doing some things wrong initially. Good managers are able to smooth over the inevitable mistakes and the fear to try new things. Accountability and change can be an interesting, rewarding and even fun. When done correctly, it is a great way to build morale, improve customer service and make team work stronger.

The results of managing c-store change & accountability are significant.  The results include improved staff retention, higher sales, loyal customers and loss prevention. Of course, using change and accountability saves time from wasteful or unproductive work.

C-Store Managers Start with a Daily Plan

C-Store Managers Start with a Daily Plan

November 26, 2023 — 

Top C-Store Managers start with a daily plan. “What would you rather me do? Take 5 minutes to know my store or just start to work?” This was the answer given by a successful c-store manager to the question – “Do you have time to plan your day?” C-Store Management Made Simple Using time well

Image of new manager enjoying the training process for store opening responsiblities. C-Store onboarding impact every aspect of success.

The Impact of C-Store Onboarding Debt

August 10, 2023 — 

Given the challenges with c-store staffing, c-store operators benefit by addressing the impact of c-store onboarding debt. All business are impacted by their ability to hire, train, manage and develop their staff. The recent challenges, such as Covid, created many changes to the working environment and significantly changed the labor costs and work expectations. Just

C-Store managers unspoken fears impact their decision making. Of course, many things are just areas that need a bit of skill development and practice. Other areas may be a more significant area of weakness that may impact overall leadership effectiveness. Identifying fears (or perhaps weaknesses) addresses store manager uncertainty changes the way that a person responds

C-Store Managers Unspoken Fears

June 23, 2023 — 

C-Store managers unspoken fears impact their decision making. Of course, fears are personal concerns. They can come from one’s history, experience level, work environment, or personal characteristics. Identifying fears (or perhaps weaknesses) addresses store manager uncertainty and thus changes their responses. Having both awareness and a desire to change will typically provide all that is

Image of Don Longo of CSNews at the Food Service Exchange.

Ten Things I Learned at the CSNews Convenience Food Service Exchange

May 8, 2023 — 

The presenters at a recent food-service-focused-c-store conference provided a unique perspective on their successes. C-Store operations have already or may soon become primarily focused on food service. The presenters included a single store operator, several top 10 chains, investment bankers, leading vendors and leading consultants in the convenience space. Here are the ten things I

Image of fresh pizza preparation for c-store food service. It is clear that there are five keys to grow food sales. C-store managers thrive when the keys are practiced well.

Management Keys for C-Store Food Service

February 5, 2023 — 

Management keys for c-store food service utilize existing store manager skills, but require a few important new skillsets to maximize results. C-store managers have a complex job and the demands on their skills continue to grow.  C-Store operations’ complexity has increased with a combination of new services, technology, marketing and staffing challenges. The expansion of

Image of ROI representing the concepts for store manager value. Store manager ROI strategy involves three components. Financial impact, store operations and leadership development drive the return on investment. C-Store Performance – ROI of Growth – How much profit from 1%?

Store Manager ROI Strategy

December 19, 2022 — 

Store manager ROI strategy involves three components. Financial impact, store operations and leadership development drive the return on investment. Overall chain health requires each store to provide value in three areas. The return provided to the chain is maximized when all three areas are addressed. That is, the store provides Financial return, Operates well Grows managers

image of a store manager that meets the key criteria for c-store success. Owners and operations leaders look for seven key things great c-store managers deliver to maximize their ROI on their store locations. 

Seven Key Things Great C-Store Managers Deliver

November 22, 2022 — 

Owners and operations leaders look for seven key things great c-store managers deliver to maximize their ROI on their store locations. In order to receive the desired c-store leadership, owners and operations leaders must provide the vision and mission. Store managers are responsible to hire, develop and encourage teamwork by building alignment with the purpose

image of c-store manager doing yoga headstand as symbol to explain How c-store managers avoid overload is easy. Create high c-store retention: keep low c-store turnover by avoiding high staff stress le

How C-Store Managers Avoid Overload

August 29, 2022 — 

How c-store managers avoid overload is an important question for c-store chains. Many operators fear c-store manager burnout so much, they strictly limit changes that impact store managers. They even limit those changes that will make the store manager’s job easier. They often report there are just too many challenges with staffing, supply, regulations, and

Image of cashier using a POS system that meets the needs to an example of basic needs to future proof your convenience store POS System

Future Proof Your C-Store POS System

May 26, 2022 — 

Future proof your c-store POS system with consideration of your growth plans. There are several stages of growth to consider. It takes time to choose, purchase and implement a POS system. Changing a system in the future can be very disruptive to your business in terms of store closures, staff training and integration with other

Image of an open c-store which is a main challenge for many operators with tight labor markets

C-Store Managers Are Facing Challenges

May 3, 2022 — 

C-store managers are facing challenges of shortage, overload and isolation. Customers and vendors create a highly dynamic set of daily, small transactions. Each requires focus and accuracy. This demands a high level of energy to maintain a level of good work all day long. Labor and supply issues force hard decisions and require more management

image of hands on staff training to address C-Store Staff Retention

C-Store Staff Retention and Upselling

July 10, 2021 — 

Operators cannot ignore the labor shortage as they think about c-store staff retention and upselling. The shortage is so severe that many operators only part-jokingly say “If they are breathing, hire them.” All joking aside, the sentiment and frustration is real. Of course, many  important c-store selling opportunities are based on the cashiers work. For

image of C-Store POS system used for to offer the top multipack and loyalty scan data discounts from major manufacturers. Tobacco scan data companies include Altria, RAI(RJR) and ITG. Their loyalty product include Marlboro, Newport, Copenhagen, and Grizzly.

Good Data Cuts Through Bad Behavior

June 27, 2021 — 

Good data cuts through bad behavior. When we have good data and use it to coach and train, we see bad behaviors corrected. It is often said to inspect what you expect, but some also like to use data analytics to help keep an eye on the behaviors they want to see and to look