Store Analytics & Scorecards

image of a graph depicting the c-store scorecards and analytics service to grow and control store results.

Store Analytics and Scorecards are about identifying and prioritizing issues and opportunity in the C-Store.

This includes:

  • A clear picture of the highest and lowest performing stores, categories, or associates.
  • Coaching opportunities for area and store managers using hard data.
  • Automating the collection and delivery process of store data for all team members.
  • Reducing “information gaps”

When it comes to sending daily scorecards to managers and supervisors, we usually encounter a common theme: keep it simple. For our clients using scorecards this means:

  • Store snapshots with sales, fuel, traffic categories and year over year comparisons.
  • Clear grades with easy to spot trouble areas.
  • Providing a sales “steering wheel” to start the day.
  • Summaries customized for district supervisors and for owners.

Performance “snapshots” can be used effectively at all levels of retail operations. An automated, accurate status empowers operators and managers to ensure a complete convenience experience for their customers, without overloading the team.

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Image of Star Express logo - Star Express is a second-generation company that has grown from a single store to outlets that include C-Stores, fast food, and a travel center Their busiest location sits next to an Interstate highway in an affluent area. The large store includes 4 bays, a large store, a Subway, and their fresh food canteen. The store has a beautiful layout with an upscale design.
  • Lance Eslyn, Director of Operational Campbell Oil

    Having a talented staff ready for more responsibility allows the organization to move more quickly to fill a hole and lowers the cost associated with turnover.
    Lance Eslyn, Director of Operational Campbell Oil
  • Greg Hendricks, Garrion Food Mart

    Having the owners support the staff and provide great tools and incentives keeps the store running well. It helps managers increase both store traffic and sales.
    Greg Hendricks, Garrion Food Mart

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