Time to Focus
C-Store managers can solve nearly any problem. The challenge is finding the problems, choosing the right ones, and having enough clarity to understand the actions necessary fix it.

The POS and back-office data takes time to extract, read and compare. Making time to analyze is hard on managers that are running a store.

The Same Page to Start the Day
Having a single page with all the critical sales data makes it possible to see the big picture and spot problems with just a five-minute review to start the day.

When supervisors and home office staff all share the same view, it puts everyone on the same page. Investing just a short ‘start of day’ review to set priorities and focus on the most important items motivates action that solves the most important issues.

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Image of Star Express logo - Star Express is a second-generation company that has grown from a single store to outlets that include C-Stores, fast food, and a travel center Their busiest location sits next to an Interstate highway in an affluent area. The large store includes 4 bays, a large store, a Subway, and their fresh food canteen. The store has a beautiful layout with an upscale design.
  • Darrel Meek, Director of Operations JD Streett

    C-Store operations are all about the people. Having the data to see results, find problems and pinpoint the priorities empowers our staff to drive their store success.
    Darrel Meek, Director of Operations JD Streett
  • Greg Hendricks, Garrison Food Mart

    Growth is my main focus. BandyWorks helps to keep the focus on sales growth with their scorecards and analysis. The control and tobacco services keep a check on those items that impact our profitability allowing us more time to keep our sales as priority #1.
    Greg Hendricks, Garrison Food Mart