Growth is essential to long-term viability.

It is the engine that drives ROI. Our solutions allow an operation to improve step by step – saving time and making progess with each new solution. The daily scorecard is often referred to as the ‘first thing I do each day’. It shows the most critical status – the good and the bad. It pinpoints where attention is needed.

The sales optimizer, upselling coach, and product spotter show the details that specify where success is happening and finds those areas that are ripe for improvement. The sales optimizer considers sales information to establish product mix, promotions, and retailing options to maximize store sales. The upselling coach shows how market baskets maximize the value of customer visits to provide the customer’s desired goods and grow their value. The product spotter monitors the thousands of daily transactions to ensure the right product sets are available in the stores. It reduces the risk of missing hot products or conversely wasting limited space with slow moving offers.