C-Store control addresses shrink and age verification compliance. Obviously, these two issues are essential control items to avoid unacceptable risk of loss, licenses and costs. In order to create simple yet effective services, analytics and AI technology process all POS activity. The results pinpoint out the Who, What, When, and Where when money is missing.

Further, the evolving regulations and compliance for under-age sales are difficult to address. Obviously, the purpose of c-store control is to find risky behaviors that increase the risk of underage selling. As such, the comparisons create a baseline for age-base selling. The tool identifies stores and cashiers that need attention. The identification shows short-cuts and fake entries. As a result, documentation is available for regulatory review.

Image of new c-store built by Garrison in Amarillo Texas

Data Analytics for C-Store Growth – New Stores Versus Existing Stores

November 7, 2021 — 

When thinking about data analytics for c-store growth – new stores versus existing stores, several key differences appear. Either way can be the key part of driving growth for many successful c-store chains. Using data differs for each type of growth. Choosing the right data leverages the growth investment to maximize the return on time

Image of cashier performing age verification

Stay in Compliance: Age Verification in C-Stores

June 27, 2021 — 

One of the critical jobs is to stay compliance with age verification in c-stores. Age Verification Compliance Summary Situation Establish a process for age restricted sales compliance Operational Results 100% monitoring of age restricted sales transactions HR Results Objective training and assessment tools Technology POS scan data, data analytics Management Approach Objective, exception-based accountability, and

image of C-Store POS system used for to offer the top multipack and loyalty scan data discounts from major manufacturers. Tobacco scan data companies include Altria, RAI(RJR) and ITG. Their loyalty product include Marlboro, Newport, Copenhagen, and Grizzly.

Good Data Cuts Through Bad Behavior

June 27, 2021 — 

Good data cuts through bad behavior. When we have good data and use it to coach and train, we see bad behaviors corrected. It is often said to inspect what you expect, but some also like to use data analytics to help keep an eye on the behaviors they want to see and to look

Four Levels of C-Store Performance Growth

Four Levels of C-Store Performance Growth

October 30, 2018 — 

There are four levels in c-store performance growth. All together, they define the C-Store Performance Maturity Model.  Combined, the levels produce a guide to successful, sustainable growth. The levels are sequential: Firstly, Founding addresses financial issues. Secondly Organizing addresses management, Thirdly, Growing addresses sales and Finally, Thriving. As progress occurs, higher sales and better teamwork

C-Store Performance – 5 Obstacles to Growth

Five Obstacles to C-Store Growth

October 28, 2018 — 

Henry Ford stated that obstacles are the things you see when you take your eye off the goal. As such, it may be useful to identify five obstacles to c-store growth. That way, if you experience them, it will be easier to re-focus on the goal of growing your c-store performance.  Obviously, it’s hard to

8 Steps Consultants Use to Increase C-Store Sales

Consultants Use 8 Steps to Increase C-Store Sales

August 8, 2018 — 

Sometimes familiarity and routine can block easy changes that can increase your c-store sales. That is why operators say that consultants increase c-store sales. Getting a fresh set of eyes to work with your team can be a quick  way to find a few break-through changes that can increase sales. Habits and history can sometimes

C-Store Customer Survey Software Strengthens the Customer Experience

C-Store Customer Survey Software Strengthens the Customer Experience

July 29, 2018 — 

C-Store customer survey software strengthens the customer experience by collecting important customer feedback directly as they shop. It may take courage and patience, but who better than your customers know what they want? It can be painful to hear, but learning abut problems directly and quickly can save time and help you to keep customers

C-Store Maintenance Software Saves Time

C-Store Maintenance Software Saves Time

July 11, 2018 — 

C-Store maintenance software saves time spent chasing maintenance assignments. No one wants to nag but the store manager is responsible to keep the store fully functional. If they do not know the status of maintenance work, then they must chase the work or risk having the problem left unfixed. Let’s face it, your store managers

C-Store Bathroom Cleanliness - Just the Facts

C-Store Bathroom Cleanliness – Just the Facts

January 25, 2018 — 

Does it matter much? C-Store bathroom cleanliness is talked about a lot. The opinions vary on how much difference it makes. Some argue it makes no difference at all (really?), some argue it can hurt you but not help you, and others believe it is the single most important issue for customer experience and loyalty.

C-Store Accountability – Do You Have to be So Mean?

C-Store Control – Do You Have to be So Mean?

January 9, 2018 — 

C-store control- Do you have to be so mean? C-Store managers often discuss accountability when stores are not performing well. Perhaps even more often when money or inventory goes missing. It is easy to become frustrated when employees do not perform as desired. When supervisors get frustrated or angry they may even think the employees

Plan C-Store Manager Meetings for High Performance

Plan C-Store Manager Meetings for High Performance

December 6, 2017 — 

Meeting plans are valuable. Store manager meetings are expensive. In order to have the desired impact it is useful to plan c-store manager meetings for high performance. Setting the meeting goals and creating an impactful meeting makes sense. Store manager meetings are a critical part of operations. It is hard to have a perfect meeting,

12 Signs You Need to Step-up Your C-Store Performance Management

12 Signs You Need to Step-up Your C-Store Performance Management

November 29, 2017 — 

C-store managers are constantly faced with urgent items that come up and interrupt what they’re doing, often right in the middle of a busy shift. If ignored, a small but real problem may fester and get worse. Without good information, the manager is more likely to misdiagnose the problem and come up with the wrong