Let’s improve store operations to grow profitability.

Convenience store family chains improve operations with retail data analytics. Sell more, reduce shrink, help your staff develop new skills, and save management time by having simple, delivered analysis.

About Us

Our clients hire us so they can focus on operational improvement. To do this, they leverage our tools for growth, control, and tobacco.

Like many of our C-Store customers, BandyWorks is family owned. Our simple, delivered information tell the story to store mangers, supervisors and retail operations leaders. It means they can take action immediately. Your team knows how to deliver convenience. Staffing, vendors and the chaotic daily work load make it hard to see which items need attention. Our reliable, brief and sales-driven assessments make it easy to see where problems are and show the facts to resolve them quickly. The whole team is on the same page and aligned  to make the stores better.

We worked inside c-stores to understand the challenges of operations – hiring, developing, cleaning, stocking, serving, and complying. The skills needed are many and the candidates few. It is easy to overwhelm store staff as well as the area managers and directors who are responsible to keep stores open, staffed and thriving.

Understanding data is necessary and needed to simplify the job. We do the retail analytics that make c-store growth, control, and tobacco easy. Our managed services do the technology work and our consultants address the issues that only large organizations can provide in-house. Our online education and workshops provide a path for staff and manager development.

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Our Results

By working directly in our clients’ operations, we have the exact analysis that provide items with pinpoint specifics that are easy to address. We coach our clients on technology changes and best practices, and we develop staff skills with flexible online learning and workshops to address the most pressing staffing development needs.

Our value is a direct relation to the time we save, sales we multiply, the age stings we avoid, and the shrink we prevent. We manage your data analytics so you manage growth. Our clients have increased sales more than 10%, cut theft in half and increased staff retention by more than 25%.

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  • Greg Hendricks, Garrison Food Mart

    Growth is my main focus. BandyWorks helps to keep the focus on sales growth with their scorecards and analysis. The control and tobacco services keep a check on those items that impact our profitability allowing us more time to keep our sales as priority #1.
    Greg Hendricks, Garrison Food Mart
  • Mike Crowell, Small & Sons

    We are committed to our culture, our staff, and our growth. We chose BandyWorks to provide the growth, control, and tobacco solutions so we can focus on building our operations to meet our aggressive store growth goals.
    Mike Crowell, Small & Sons
  • Darrel Meek, Director of Operations JD Streett

    C-Store operations are all about the people. Having the data to see results, find problems and pinpoint the priorities empowers our staff to drive their store success.
    Darrel Meek, Director of Operations JD Streett
  • Ray McIntosh, McIntosh Energy

    With the commitment from Darrell and his food service manager, McIntosh Energy made the commitment to upgrade the store’s food preparation. BandyWorks provided the tools to motivate and track growth. Good teams love good insights.
    Ray McIntosh, McIntosh Energy

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