Take your c-store business results to a new level with proven scan data analytics from BandyWorks.


Whether you’re looking for accurate and reliable tobacco rebate results, proven store performance indicators, or other business intelligence, you can rely on BandyWorks’ QuikData software to help grow sales revenue, maximize profits and save you time.

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Tobacco Scan Data Programs

C-stores across America rely on BandyWorks' Quik Data to ensure accurate and on-time submission of tobacco transaction data. No one can set up tobacco scan data programs quicker than BandyWorks.
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Shrinkage Alerts

Get on-demand or daily status reports of suspicious activity. The Quik Data Shrinkage Alerts software reports date, time and register information, speeding up your investigation process.
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Tobacco Scan Data Analytics

The growing popularity of e-cigarettes is driving calls for better enforcement of age verification. Get your stores ready with the new Quik Data Age Verification module from BandyWorks.
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Performance Management

Pulling, manipulating and analyzing store performance data yourself is a daunting, time consuming task. Quik Data from BandyWorks does all that hard work for you. See how you can use Quik Data to organize and simplify work, giving you time to focus on growth.
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Choosing Between Gas and Tobacco C-Store Loyalty?

For C-Store retailers running gas rewards, the decision to implement tobacco loyalty often creates conflicts at the pump. There are options to stay in compliance with your brand loyalty and still take full advantage of Altria Loyalty and RJR tobacco promotions.
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5 Minute C-Store Plan – $20,000 Profits

Finding time is never easy. .... C-Store Daily Plan - Does It Pay? "What would you rather me do? Take...
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The Key to Increasing Cigarette Sales is Multi-Pack Discounts

The key to increasing cigarette sales is multi-pack discounts. Many vendors provide scan data rebates, but getting your money for...
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Systematizing C-Store Growth – 5 Things to Know First

Systematizing c-store growth is key to adding new stores and maintaining profits. Over the past several years new software solutions have...
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