C-Store Control - Saving Time to Provide Managers More Time to Focus On People

Client: JD Streett

Control:  Managers need information to make decisions and focus on store operations: keeping age compliance, controlling Shrink, and training staff for the best customer experience.

Background:  JD Streett is a multi-generation family business delivering energy services and convenience in their community for nearly 100 years. Building a great community store, and having a great place to work are two essential parts of every business decision.

Business issue

JD Streett has a very successful and profitable store management structure. The tracking and follow-up were consistent and the results were strong. There was a high level of manual work, however, that took hours each week for store managers to complete.


The manual work while effective,was taking a lot of management time and made it more challenging to bring on new managers that desired more automation and analytics-based support.


The manual systems had served thier value and new tools allowed the same (and potentially better) insights with much less manual compilation. There was a potential to provide more time for other management work, decrease taxing work load, and broader and deeper monitoring of the high volume store transactions load.


Streett implemented an operations solution that provide daily, weekly, and monthly scheduled analytics directly to store managers. They invested in transitioning thier success manual systems to an automated process. They were able to re-allocate both time and costs towards staff development and rewards.

Lessons learned:

C-Store operatiosn continue to evolve. Investing in technology, management development, and automation is an important and impactful means to on-going improvement. Respecting staff capabilities, historical process knowledge and skills, while providing meaningful and incremental improvements keeps stores releveant and increasing in value.

  • Darrel Meek, Director of Operations JD Streett

    C-Store operations are all about the people. Having the data to see results, find problems and pinpoint the priorities empowers our staff to drive their store success.
    Darrel Meek, Director of Operations JD Streett
  • Greg Hendricks, Garrison Food Mart

    Growth is my main focus. BandyWorks helps to keep the focus on sales growth with their scorecards and analysis. The control and tobacco services keep a check on those items that impact our profitability allowing us more time to keep our sales as priority #1.
    Greg Hendricks, Garrison Food Mart
  • Mike Crowell, Small & Sons

    We are committed to our culture, our staff, and our growth. We chose BandyWorks to provide the growth, control, and tobacco solutions so we can focus on building our operations to meet our aggressive store growth goals.
    Mike Crowell, Small & Sons
  • Ray McIntosh, McIntosh Energy

    With the commitment from Darrell and his food service manager, McIntosh Energy made the commitment to upgrade the store’s food preparation. BandyWorks provided the tools to motivate and track growth. Good teams love good insights.
    Ray McIntosh, McIntosh Energy

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