The scan data rebate and loyalty program allows growth with Altria, RAI (RJR), ITG, and more. To maximize results, the program must achieve file certification & validation, enable multi-pack, multi-can, multi-tin and loyalty discounts. Manufacturer rules and requirements are constantly evolving, thus confusion and missing rebates happen too often. As a result, tobacco rebates can be difficult to use and require too much time. In order to simplify the work and get results with less work, retailers use scan data services.

In order to cut through the complexity, BandyWorks built a robust, AI-based tracking system. Our scan data & loyalty program is flexible It addresses the frequent rule changes that Altria and RJR create. To make things faster and easier, the program detects errors in real-time. Analytics and AI pinpoint issues so that BandyWorks staff can fix them fast. Obviously,  missed rebates and lost opportunities are easier to avoid. The results allow c-store operators to earn bigger profits with less effort.

image of Abigail Cerra who describes Abigail Cerra, ReFuel, share her experience regarding what she experienced as the keys to success for c-store loyalty systems.

7 Key Parts to C-Store Loyalty Systems

October 7, 2022 — 

Abigail Cerra, ReFuel, discusses 7 key parts to c-store loyalty systems. While the rollout of a loyalty system can be daunting, there are a set of things to consider that can be addressed to successfully achieve the customer loyalty implementation. Based on her experience of implementing several loyalty programs she identifies a few keys to

C-Store Cigarette Scan Data Software Increases Tobacco Sales

Key Reasons for Tobacco Scan Data Incentive Programs

May 12, 2022 — 

Key reasons for tobacco scan data incentive programs include margin management, customer traffic, and basket size. These factors help maintain your competitive position. Cigarette and OTP sales often range from 20 to 30% of a c-store inside sales. Customers that use tobacco rebate programs are frequent shoppers and know they can get what they need

Choosing Between Gas and Tobacco C-Store Loyalty? New managers must learn the important of scan data and loyalty programs.

Choosing Between Gas and Tobacco C-Store Loyalty?

July 17, 2020 — 

For C-Store retailers running gas rewards, the decision to implement tobacco loyalty often creates conflicts at the pump. There are options to stay in compliance with your brand loyalty and still take full advantage of Altria Loyalty and RJR tobacco promotions.

Should you be moving forward with RJR Scan Data Promotions?

Should you be moving forward with RJR Scan Data Promotions?

June 23, 2020 — 

RJR tobacco scan data is a key to maximizing C-Store sales and profits. However, many retailers ball with their RJR scan data promotions. Should you move forward with RJR?

The Key to Increasing Cigarette Sales is Multi-Pack Discounts

The Key to Increasing Cigarette Sales is Multi-Pack Discounts

November 18, 2018 — 

The key to increasing cigarette sales is multi-pack discounts. Many vendors provide scan data rebates, but getting your money for scan data is not enough to increase your sales. C-Stores provide a discount to your customers,  and therefore cigarette sales increase. Up-selling is the Key to Increase Cigarette Sales with Multi-Pack Discounts Lowering the price