C-Store technology is applied to POS data using analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to pinpoint specific problems. High performance C-store operators leverage the technology to save time, sell more and reduce theft. POS analytics and AI allow supervisors to pinpoint problems, recognize top performers and coach cashiers on the most important issues.

The pressure of c-store operations demands tools that leverage data to save the time need to follow-up. Hiring, training, meetings and the normal day to day activities consume most of every day. Finding problems quicker is a big help. It just makes sense, experienced managers have fixed almost every possible problem. The solution is not usually the challenge. Rather, the issue is finding or even awareness of the problem. For example, knowing which stores are underselling promotions, seeing too many voids or even learning that cashiers are using their birthdate for every age check.

image of store manager overload. A common issue with c-store management given the stress of staff hiring challenges and the need to focus on development and growth

Does Your Operations System Help Your C-Store Manager Support the Customer Experience?

October 26, 2022 — 

With the big investments made into c-store technology, it is important to ask: Does your operations system help your c-store manager support the customer experience?  Too often, the store manager is given more responsibility without adequate system support for the daily operations. Store managers face challenging responsibilities and unprecedented staffing shortages. C-Store operations support systems

Image of boy considering Given c-store staffing issues and inventory shortages, there are many pros and cons of c-store managers using data analytics.

Pros and Cons of C-Store Managers Using Data Analytics

July 3, 2022 — 

Given c-store staffing issues and inventory shortages, there are many pros and cons of c-store managers using data analytics. Some argue that there is absolutely no way to ask store managers to do anything except to just keep the doors open. Hence, it can be scary to add another task to store managers for fear

Image of c-store. There are five reasons to use c-store retail data analytics. C-store operators use retail analytics and these five beneficial attributes to control the store performance, save time and increase profits.

Five Reasons to Use C-Store Retail Data Analytics

June 17, 2022 — 

C-Store operators that try to control the store performance often cite one or more of these five reasons to use c-store retail data analytics. They find that c-store analytics saves time and increases profits by: Reducing c-store manager bias in decision making Pinpointing c-store problems quicker Recognizing good performance of cashiers Reducing anxiety about the

Image of cashier using a POS system that meets the needs to an example of basic needs to future proof your convenience store POS System

Future Proof Your C-Store POS System

May 26, 2022 — 

Future proof your c-store POS system with consideration of your growth plans. There are several stages of growth to consider. It takes time to choose, purchase and implement a POS system. Changing a system in the future can be very disruptive to your business in terms of store closures, staff training and integration with other

Systematizing C-Store Growth - 5 Things to Know First

Five Keys to Systematizing C-Store Growth

November 10, 2018 — 

There are five keys to systematizing c-store growth.  They are helpful in order to add new stores and grow profits. Recently, new software solutions emerged. They help c-store operators optimize store performance. Operators for whom growth is the goal have started adopting these new software solutions. Of course,  store performance software compliments and goes way

C-Store Performance – 5 Obstacles to Growth

Five Obstacles to C-Store Growth

October 28, 2018 — 

Henry Ford stated that obstacles are the things you see when you take your eye off the goal. As such, it may be useful to identify five obstacles to c-store growth. That way, if you experience them, it will be easier to re-focus on the goal of growing your c-store performance.  Obviously, it’s hard to

C-Store Performance – The Proven System for Growth

The Proven System for C-Store Growth

September 25, 2018 — 

Big chains keep getting bigger. There is a reason. Many use a proven system for c-store growth. Top growth derives from operational maturity, defined as mastery of five c-store performance management areas.   I. Back Office Managing finance, inventory and pricing II. Staffing Hiring, on-boarding and retaining III. Operations Delivering convenience consistently and profitably IV.

C-Store Customer Survey Software Strengthens the Customer Experience

C-Store Customer Survey Software Strengthens the Customer Experience

July 29, 2018 — 

C-Store customer survey software strengthens the customer experience by collecting important customer feedback directly as they shop. It may take courage and patience, but who better than your customers know what they want? It can be painful to hear, but learning abut problems directly and quickly can save time and help you to keep customers

C-Store Maintenance Software Saves Time

C-Store Maintenance Software Saves Time

July 11, 2018 — 

C-Store maintenance software saves time spent chasing maintenance assignments. No one wants to nag but the store manager is responsible to keep the store fully functional. If they do not know the status of maintenance work, then they must chase the work or risk having the problem left unfixed. Let’s face it, your store managers

Controlling Labor Hours to Match C-Store Sales

Controlling C-Store Labor Hours to Match Sales

June 13, 2018 — 

One of the most challenging jobs is controlling c-store labor hours to match sales. There are many things that are important to control in a C-Store. Getting the labor right is a key to ensure you have good operations with the labor costs that match the store sales when they happen. Too much – you

Confusing Technology with a System for C-Store Performance

Confuse Technology with a System for C-Store Performance

August 27, 2017 — 

A tough part about using technology to help people do their job is defining responsibilities. Unfortunatly, we sometimes confuse technology with a system for c-store performance. We all know the promise – this technology will fix the problem immediately, there is no install time and your staff does not have to change anything. It seems

image of owner at a fork in the road of C-store data analytics

Take the Fork of C-Store Data Analytics

May 11, 2017 — 

Yogi Berra was often lampooned for his seemingly non-sensible statements. But the easy to remember and thoughtful concepts help to clarify issues and allow simple choices.  His ‘take the fork’ statement made sense when you understand that he lived mid-way on a circular road. When driving to his house you came to a fork. Either