C-Store promotions analysis finds growth opportunities. It simplifies vendor coordination, item placement and cashier sales performance reviews. The promotions analysis will:

  1. Scan data UPC sales, thus matching vendor promises to actual results.
  2. Ranks top cashiers and store managers, which simplifies merit pay
  3. Create promotions games, hence increased upselling.
  4. Identifies strange things at a store, category, item, and cashier level, thereby showing easy fixes .
  5. Uses typical sales items (baskets) to show ways to place big sellers.

By tracking actual results and comparing vendor projections,  you can negotiate with results rather than promises. For example, a vendor may base a store-funded promotion on a 25% take-rate. However, if the take-rate is much higher, then the overall penny profits may be cut too much.  Obviously, stores do not want to help a vendor to sell more unless they are making more money themselves. Naturally, showing facts helps to negotiate a fair pricing structure for everyone. Therefore, c-store promotions analysis is a great tool to level the playing field by using facts rather than promises achieve the desired margins.

Gift Giving and C-Store Category Managers

January 8, 2023 — 

The annual Christmas exchange means having just one relative to pick a gift. Trying to find just the right gift is always so hard. When I drew the name of my brother in law that loves different whiskeys, I knew I was in trouble. I sent a panic call to my good friend that runs

Should you be moving forward with RJR Scan Data Promotions?

Should you be moving forward with RJR Scan Data Promotions?

June 23, 2020 — 

RJR tobacco scan data is a key to maximizing C-Store sales and profits. However, many retailers ball with their RJR scan data promotions. Should you move forward with RJR?

Image of clock to represent the time needed for success as described in the blog - 5 Minute C-Store Daily Plan - $20,000 Profits

5 Minute C-Store Daily Plan – $20,000 Profits

December 3, 2018 — 

Finding time is never easy. That is why, many top performers use a 5 Minute C-Store Daily Plan. They believe it means at least $20,000 in profits. “What would you rather me do? Take 5 minutes to know my store or just start to work?” This was the answer given by a successful c-store manager

The Key to Increasing Cigarette Sales is Multi-Pack Discounts

The Key to Increasing Cigarette Sales is Multi-Pack Discounts

November 18, 2018 — 

The key to increasing cigarette sales is multi-pack discounts. Many vendors provide scan data rebates, but getting your money for scan data is not enough to increase your sales. C-Stores provide a discount to your customers,  and therefore cigarette sales increase. Up-selling is the Key to Increase Cigarette Sales with Multi-Pack Discounts Lowering the price

Four Levels of C-Store Performance Growth

Four Levels of C-Store Performance Growth

October 30, 2018 — 

There are four levels in c-store performance growth. All together, they define the C-Store Performance Maturity Model.  Combined, the levels produce a guide to successful, sustainable growth. The levels are sequential: Firstly, Founding addresses financial issues. Secondly Organizing addresses management, Thirdly, Growing addresses sales and Finally, Thriving. As progress occurs, higher sales and better teamwork

Image of ROI representing the concepts for store manager value. Store manager ROI strategy involves three components. Financial impact, store operations and leadership development drive the return on investment. C-Store Performance – ROI of Growth – How much profit from 1%?

The ROI of C-Store Growth – How much profit from 1%?

September 30, 2018 — 

Generating growth provides cash and resources. The ROI of c-store growth is amazing. Driving extra sales puts profit directly to the bottom line. That is why promotions and upselling generate important results. The example below shows how a typical store with inside sales of $85,000 per month at a 27% margin can increase annual bottom

C-Store Performance – The Proven System for Growth

The Proven System for C-Store Growth

September 25, 2018 — 

Big chains keep getting bigger. There is a reason. Many use a proven system for c-store growth. Top growth derives from operational maturity, defined as mastery of five c-store performance management areas.   I. Back Office Managing finance, inventory and pricing II. Staffing Hiring, on-boarding and retaining III. Operations Delivering convenience consistently and profitably IV.

8 Steps Consultants Use to Increase C-Store Sales

Consultants Use 8 Steps to Increase C-Store Sales

August 8, 2018 — 

Sometimes familiarity and routine can block easy changes that can increase your c-store sales. That is why operators say that consultants increase c-store sales. Getting a fresh set of eyes to work with your team can be a quick  way to find a few break-through changes that can increase sales. Habits and history can sometimes

C-Store Staff Retention - The Top Challenge?

C-Store Staff Retention is the Top Challenge

December 20, 2017 — 

C-Store staff retention – Many  owners argue it is their top challenge. The improving economy is often cited for making a difficult job of C-Store staff retention even harder. While all positions are important the one that I hear about the most is the challenge of finding and keeping good store managers. Sometimes the situation