Tobacco Scan Data

Challenge – The Headaches of Getting Fully Paid

The programs have weekly deadlines that are tight, and the promotional complexity continues to increase. Further, payments are at risk for simply being late or not having the precise rules in place. Without the program in place business can drop by 20%. Without proper management your entire profit margin can be lost.

Simply understanding the problem can be an overwhelming task. Trying to keep up with the rebates summary weekly and ensuring full value can be nearly impossible.

Non-Stop Changes

Prices keep going up, cigarette sales quantities keep declining, new promotional combinations are added, new products are included and the rules for submittals are tighter. Without keeping up, the risks are losing most of the profit margin in lost rebates. The cost of keeping up is the time needed to understand and implement all the promotions. Worse, many reps are not sure of the details and cannot always help.

Making It Work for You

Tobacco scan data incentive program for Altria, RAI, ITG. Apply all the tools: digital platform, tier 2 and tier 3, loyalty, validated emails. Our service is live and we support you all the way through the certification and validation process. Our clients experience the most comprehensive and reliable Tobacco Scan Data Rebate service available for Altria, RAI, ITG, and more. If you need help with collecting your rebates, we are there with you.

Our Tobacco Rebate Services Include:

  • Altria Digital Platform Support
  • Support for all loyalty systems.
  • Tobacco Scan Data program onboarding
  • Rebate oversight.
  • Rebate price coaching.
  • Rebate program management.

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  • Greg Hendricks, Garrison Food Mart

    Growth is my main focus. BandyWorks helps to keep the focus on sales growth with their scorecards and analysis. The control and tobacco services keep a check on those items that impact our profitability allowing us more time to keep our sales as priority #1.
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    C-Store operations are all about the people. Having the data to see results, find problems and pinpoint the priorities empowers our staff to drive their store success.
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    We are committed to our culture, our staff, and our growth. We chose BandyWorks to provide the growth, control, and tobacco solutions so we can focus on building our operations to meet our aggressive store growth goals.
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