Tobacco Scan Data

image of C-Store POS system used for to offer the top multipack and loyalty scan data discounts from major manufacturers. Tobacco scan data companies include Altria, RAI(RJR) and ITG. Their loyalty product include Marlboro, Newport, Copenhagen, and Grizzly.

Tobacco scan data incentive program for Altria, RAI, ITG. Apply all the tools: digital platform, tier 2 and tier 3, loyalty, validated emails. Our service is live and we support you all the way through the certification and validation process. Our clients experience the most comprehensive and reliable Tobacco Scan Data Rebate service available for Altria, RAI, ITG, and more. If you need help with collecting your rebates, we are there with you.

With file certification & validation, multi-pack, multi-can, multi-tin, digital transformation and tiered level promotions, the tobacco programs are complicated. Manufacturer rules and requirements are constantly evolving, which can lead to confusion and missing rebates.

To cut through the confusion, we built a robust multilayered monitoring system into our software with the understanding our clients could not anticipate every new change. Errors are detected real-time and addressed by BW Technicians to minimize the potentially catastrophic and often costly outcomes that can occur with other Scan Data Rebate solutions.

Our Tobacco Rebate Services Include:

  • Altria Digital Platform Support
  • Support for all loyalty systems
  • Tobacco Scan Data program onboarding
  • Rebate oversight
  • Rebate price coaching
  • Rebate program management
To learn more, contact us at (804)-733-8844 for a no-obligation discovery discussion.

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Image of Star Express logo - Star Express is a second-generation company that has grown from a single store to outlets that include C-Stores, fast food, and a travel center Their busiest location sits next to an Interstate highway in an affluent area. The large store includes 4 bays, a large store, a Subway, and their fresh food canteen. The store has a beautiful layout with an upscale design.
  • Greg Hendricks, Garrison Food Mart

    Having the owners support the staff and provide great tools and incentives keeps the store running well. It helps managers increase both store traffic and sales.
    Greg Hendricks, Garrison Food Mart
  • Lance Eslyn, Director of Operations Campbell Oil

    Having a talented staff ready for more responsibility allows the organization to move more quickly to fill a hole and lowers the cost associated with turnover.
    Lance Eslyn, Director of Operations Campbell Oil
  • Shiv Patel, COO, Star Express

    I would recommend BandyWorks to other companies. Data manipulation, pulling data, getting new reports, it’s all difficult to do. Doing it through Quik Data, it’s quick! Quik Data!
    Shiv Patel, COO, Star Express
  • Mark, AC&T

    New analytics takes hands-on use. Using data gives new insights and teaches us how often to apply and which staff can best put it to use to save time and make things better.
    Mark, AC&T

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In our work with family chains, we’ve found that store data accessibility and distribution are common issues for operations managers and supervisors. The lack of easy access to operations focused data can lead to environments where losses are hidden longer, and growth opportunities go unrealized.

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