Control Risk

Shrink/Loss Prevention:

Our clients are looking at new methods of examining their POS scan data to find patterns of loss. Using AI rules applied to their organization’s scan data, we help point out the Who, What, When, and Where when money is missing.

Some common questions to consider:

  • Which suspicious activity at the POS register is most relevant to you?
  • How easy is it to get access to this data?
  • What information is most useful to stop bad actors?

Age Verification Compliance

In the wake of evolving regulation and compliance requirements around underage sales (especially vapor products) most retailers are looking at ways of selling responsibly while maintaining great customer service. Our method for identifying stores and cashiers who are at higher risk of selling to underage customers helps clients balance compliance and customer service.

This approach covers scenarios including:

  • Establishing a base line age verification rate for your retail stores.
  • Knowing which associates may be at higher risk of selling to a minor.
  • Creating a process and documentation for regulators.
  • Tracking different types of ID checks.
  • Calling out shortcuts / fake entries.
  • Providing training opportunities.

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    New analytics takes hands-on use. Using data gives new insights and teaches us how often to apply and which staff can best put it to use to save time and make things better.
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In our work with family chains, we’ve found that store data accessibility and distribution are common issues for operations managers and supervisors. The lack of easy access to operations focused data can lead to environments where losses are hidden longer, and growth opportunities go unrealized.

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