C-Store Customer Survey Software Strengthens the Customer Experience

C-Store Customer Survey Software Strengthens the Customer Experience

C-Store customer survey software strengthens the customer experience by collecting important customer feedback directly as they shop. It may take courage and patience, but who better than your customers know what they want? It can be painful to hear, but learning abut problems directly and quickly can save time and help you to keep customers coming back.

Blind Spots to C-Store Customer Experience

Of course, industries standards, your culture and your management accountability systems must be the main focus of your work. However, many systems and people have blind spots due to bias and limitations that allow mistakes or missed information to impact store performance. Gathering the right information from customers provides a perspective to be considered that is not biased on the goals of the company or staff.

Ideally, your c-store survey process is accurate simple, timely and unbiased. The easier it is for customers to use it the more likely they are to participate. Of course, easy may mean less data so interpretation may be harder. We must, however, not inconvenience our customers who are paying us for the convenience we provide.

A few items that c-store operators tell us are important when surveying customers:

C-Store Customer Survey Software – Important Stuff

  1. Make it quick
  2. Limit questions
  3. Do not get in the way of their shopping
  4. No pressure allowed
  5. Survey results are easily shared with managers and staff
  6. In-store surveys have higher participation
  7. Link to loyalty programs
  8. Use the data
  9. Accept bad news
  10. Provide analysis information so time of day helps to pinpoint solutions
  11. Establish norms so its easy to no when good or bad things are happening
  12. Try different questions, locations and methods of surveys

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