The Proven System for C-Store Growth

C-Store Performance – The Proven System for Growth

Big chains keep getting bigger. There is a reason. Many use a proven system for c-store growth. Top growth derives from operational maturity, defined as mastery of five c-store performance management areas.


I. Back Office Managing finance, inventory and pricing
II. Staffing Hiring, on-boarding and retaining
III. Operations Delivering convenience consistently and profitably
IV. Customer Experience Building relationships with the customers
V. Growth & Capacity Staff development, system automation and facility management


C-Store Growth – Use a Proven System

It takes significant resources to address all five areas of performance. The simple fact is that more stores to share the burden means more resources are available. But, the large operators were not always their current size. The successful companies were first able to optimize their store performance, grow their business, generate extra cash and free up management time to drive store growth. That is, they use a proven system for c-store growth. Operating existing stores well is the critical first step to make resources available. Without on-going and consistent same-store growth, management time is pulled back into the existing store oversight rather than new store creation or acquisition. With comprehensive management in place, fewer problems occur. Available resources catalyze new store growth.

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