C-Store growth means better promotions take, staff work, and store profits. The growth occurs  by using analytics and AI technology. It reviews all sales detail from which opportunities are identified. For example, the analysis shows the actual take-rates as well as the stores and cashiers sales rankings. The simple list makes it easy to teach cashiers and fix the product placement at specific stores.  The program then identifies the things you need to do to increase your sales. Operators then use these specific items to start staff selling games, find  stores that are not selling enough and reward top staff.

Owners, as well as area and store managers save time when they have a short list of important work. That is, solving a problem is easier when the precise issue is clear. Having a list of work issues delivered with the supporting facts eliminates time waste. For example, knowing which cashiers are not having the same rate of upselling pinpoints who needs help. Likewise, seeing how two stores with similar traffic are not selling the same allows for a quick inspection to find the issue. The result is c-store growth when top managers focus on the most important sales items.

image of Managing change for c-store growth

Managing Change for C-Store Growth

February 15, 2017 — 

Managing change for c-store growth is part of management for successful companies. Fortunately, C-Stores employees are quite used to change. Prices, legislation, and products change often and sometimes every day. Anyone who has worked in a C-Store company, for any amount of time, is never shocked with change. However there are some changes that are

image depicting a woman who understands Why Grades Matter for C-Store Performance

Why Grades Matter for C-Store Performance

September 28, 2016 — 

Why grades matter for c-store performance. Just like school grades, assessment provides understanding and drives learning. Many innovative tools use simple grades to turn complex data into understanding, motivation and action. Many argue as to the validity of a single score showing anything meaningful. Others, however, believe it is one of the most effective ways

Do numbers really matter when managing store performance?

Do numbers really matter when managing store performance?

June 8, 2016 — 

Many will ask “Do numbers really matter when managing store performance?” Why does the existence of performance numbers impact the very performance they measure. It is often stated ‘If you want to improve something measure it.’ The statement is rarely disputed but not always supported. There are just as many reasons not to analyze your

3 Overlooked Steps in Solving C-Store Performance Problems

3 Overlooked Steps in Solving C-Store Performance Problems

January 28, 2016 — 

Problem identification is the first step to solve any problem.  C-store managers use reports, experience, business intelligence (BI) and consultants.  Nonetheless, there are 3 Steps to solve c-store performance problems that are often overlooked. Once a problem is defined, the question then becomes, how do we resolve it.  This will vary on the type of

I Got My Report Card at Work Today

I Got My Report Card at Work Today

November 18, 2015 — 

I got my report card at work today. A daily scorecard is not the same as a report card, but there are many important ways it has the same impact. When thinking back to our school years, there was never a day quite as important than the day when report cards were distributed.  A good