Why Grades Matter for C-Store Performance

image depicting a woman who understands Why Grades Matter for C-Store Performance

Why grades matter for c-store performance. Just like school grades, assessment provides understanding and drives learning. Many innovative tools use simple grades to turn complex data into understanding, motivation and action. Many argue as to the validity of a single score showing anything meaningful. Others, however, believe it is one of the most effective ways to use data to help improve performance. As with school grades, c-store performance work can be assessed. The assessment is the reason why grades matter for c-store performance.

C-Store Performance is Complex

Basic grades are used in all sort of industries with all sorts of data. Surprisingly, the more complex the data involved the more valuable a simple grade becomes. Grades are simple. Simplicity, speeds understanding. Understanding of performance speeds improvement.. Having a simple grade helps when sharing complex data.

Grades Matter

There are a few basic reasons why it makes sense to set grades:

  1. A’s are good and F’s are bad. No one misunderstands grades. Adding color helps interpretation even more – green is good and red is bad. Visually, troubled areas become very hard to miss and avoid.
  2. A desire to understand means that communication will occur. This allows an explanation of what matters. Understanding the grade shows what matters.
  3. Unless you have staff that just doesn’t care at all, most will respond to any grade with an interest to learn more about how it is set. Just sit in any class and listen to the students.
    • Will this be on the test?
    • How much does this test count
    • How can I overcome a bad test?

They want to know what matters to the teacher. Obviously, knowing what makes a good grade explains what is valuable. Prioritization sets expectations.

Using Grades to communicate C-Store Performance

Give it a try. You must have a set of numbers that you use. Have a discussion about what set of numbers indicates good performance and why. Watch the numbers for a few days, share the results with your staff and then see what happens.