C-Store Sales Facts – Thriving Now and Looking to the Future

C-Store Sales Facts - Thriving Now and Looking to the Future

C-Store Sales Facts are a useful way to search for ways to increase your sales. There are many trends that are noteworthy to watch. It is important to monitor them and consider your strategy to thrive in the future. Here are a few facts you may want to consider:

C-Store Sales Facts

  1. 80{935b322e3519fc731b8c8389742fbd46918a79373f6355bb2e07141df02b187b} of the fuel sold (gallons up 2.6{935b322e3519fc731b8c8389742fbd46918a79373f6355bb2e07141df02b187b} ) *1
  2. Inside sales up 3.2{935b322e3519fc731b8c8389742fbd46918a79373f6355bb2e07141df02b187b} *1
  3. Profits down 3.8{935b322e3519fc731b8c8389742fbd46918a79373f6355bb2e07141df02b187b} *1
  4. Average sales 3.5 million per store*2
  5. Range of sales from best to worst store is an order of magnitude (10 times more)*2
  6. Hot Beverages are key factor for higher sales*2
  7. Only 69{935b322e3519fc731b8c8389742fbd46918a79373f6355bb2e07141df02b187b} of of 18 years have a drivers license (down from 87{935b322e3519fc731b8c8389742fbd46918a79373f6355bb2e07141df02b187b} in 1983)*3
  8. US Retail trips down 2.1 billion in last 5 years) – ~17 fewer per household/year.*3

There are less shopping trips but more gas sales. Profits are getting squeezed. It may be time to work hard on your product sets. Ensuring that you make the most of each visitor and generate adequate products may be the most important challenge. It may not be enough to look at total sales. It may be time to analyze the product sales and the associated margins more carefully. The amount of money given for shelf space and promotions is a factor as well. There are only so many items you can carry and only so many customer visits. Getting the merchandising right is critical to maximize each visit.

If retail visits are declining, then it may be important to work harder to keep the best customers. The customer experience is something that every store can control. Cleanliness, inventory, attitude and service are all the result of store employee’s work. No one can control the trends of the world, but the cashier directly impacts the way the customer is treated when they visit your store.

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