Managing C-Store Change & Accountability involves people skills, experience and objective data. Managers achieve the best results when the apply the right tools to the right problems. As such, the best supervisors balance the needs of the staff, customers and the owners. They understand the situation with objective analysis. That means, they recognize great work and use mistakes to coach and correct.

To avoid the fear of making a mistake, coaching emphasizes learning. In addition, it is much easier to keep learning on track by using the factual analysis from good data to avoid subjective or judgmental reviews. Of course, a spirit of helping and the acceptance is needed. It means that learning often requires doing some things wrong initially. Good managers are able to smooth over the inevitable mistakes and the fear to try new things. Accountability and change can be an interesting, rewarding and even fun. When done correctly, it is a great way to build morale, improve customer service and make team work stronger.

The results of managing c-store change & accountability are significant.  The results include improved staff retention, higher sales, loyal customers and loss prevention. Of course, using change and accountability saves time from wasteful or unproductive work.

Accountability - Six Things to Get Right -  6. Tracking

Accountability – Six Things to Get Right – 6 – Tracking

July 10, 2014 — 

Accountability – Six Things to Get Right – 6 – Tracking. Tracking is last of the six items.  It measure progress towards goals. Goals are measured to determine success. They expose actions and results. The assessment of goals judges the level of success. It tells us where we are and where we need to go.

KPI Tracking - When did you start?

KPI Tracking – When did you start?

June 5, 2014 — 

Preliminary results regarding how long companies have been tracking their KPI’s are in. The BandyWorks Tracking Key Performance Indicators survey is still active. This survey will collect information on how companies are using KPI’s for tracking and accountability.  Please spend 2-3 minutes to take the survey and see the full results! This survey has closed.

Accountability – Consequence versus Punishment

Accountability – Consequence Versus Punishment

May 26, 2014 — 

With Accountability, consequence versus punishment is the key to success. The toughest part about accountability is applying consequences when performance is not as desired. There comes a point when there has to be a negative consequence. If done correctly, such a point only comes when shared expectations were not met and the responsible party had

What I Learned as a Child Makes a Culture of Accountability Easy

What I Learned as a Child Makes a Culture of Accountability Easy

January 28, 2014 — 

What I learned as a child makes a culture of accountability easy. My family taught me everything I needed to know to create a culture of accountability. Growing up, a set of values and rules governed our lives. These tenets fit well into the six items that exists within a culture of accountability. Vision /