Making the Effort to “Re-Zeal”

Making the Effort to "Re-Zeal"

All employees of a c-store have responsibilities. Everyone is busy.  Whether work tasks or raising a family, people spend their time seeking objectives, solving problems and handling what comes to them each day.  This stress is normal life. Normal or not, the work load can sometimes become too much. At times, all staff experience burn out. Managers can help staff with making the effort to “re-zeal”.

If to think of your productivity as a battery, it is very easy to see how one can run down and lose their power to go on. It happens to everyone. Almost everyone has a down time. That is the time to Re-zeal!  You need to do what it takes to recharge where you are ready and even eager to start each day.

The time for making the effort to “re-zeal” is when you find yourself losing your effectiveness at work. For example, getting irritated often, finding it hard to wake up in the morning or just not ready to face another day. It is this  internal stress in an individual that causes a lack of effectiveness and irritability. This is why there are weekends or days off.

Stress Happens

Whether you are running the C-Store company, buying the company’s inventory or serving its customers, routine tasks can sometimes wear a person out. A break in routine gives you time to recharge. The more routine things are, the more likely this is to happen. Allowing yourself and your employees time to re-zeal can make a difference. It applies to all jobs.   So, you may be asking, how does one re-zeal?


The Need for Balance

Internal stress is usually created when your wheel of life is imbalanced. Good News as a great online article that discusses the theory on the wheel and its components. To explain it simply, it divides the areas of your life into a pie shaped chart where all are to be valued the way you want them to be.  For the intent of this article, lets say they are all to be equal.   Internal stress begins when the portions are starting to shift.  They are no longer equal.

The re-zeal happens when you do something to shift them back to your required equal sizes.  This could mean spending some time clearing out your inbox on the weekend, pressure washing your patio, taking your mate out to dinner or attending your child’s school play.  The key is to look at your wheel and see where things are slipping.  Then take the action that is needed in order to move these facets of life back to equal proportions.

There may be some guilt associated with  taking the time to put the wheel in order.  It may mean working when you are to be with family or not thinking about work at all when you probably should.  If in a constant state of taking care of things, one can expect to take time from one area to realign the other.  What is done this time to re-zeal may not work next time?

It takes a small amount of time to look at the wheel and see what needs fixing when it happens. Everyone’s wheel is different and as time goes by, you may find your own wheel changes.  In fact the problem can also be it is time for your wheel to change.  It is important to take personal time to re-organize. In fact, you are taking care of others when you are an efficient and effective person.  You will stay on top of your game and ensure your involvement in your company, whatever your role, is optimal.