Everyone in a C-Store Operation Can Find Comfort Under the Blanket of Accountability

image of Everyone in a C-Store Operation Can Find Comfort Under the Blanket of Accountability

Everyone in a c-store operation can find comfort under accountability. Accountability is everyone’s friend. It provides the support that organizes, motivates, rewards and recognizes your work.

Operation Accountability Blankets in Feedback

Too often, in the rush to keep things moving we only take time to analyze problems or mistakes to fix them. A natural management response but one that can leave us feeling less that perfectly appreciated.

The great thing about accountability when done well is that goals are clear, responsibilities are assigned and results are measured. Hence, you know what you were supposed to do, what you did and how it was ranked. Even if your boss does not have time to recognize you, he knows and you know.

Everyone in Operations Benefits

Even better,  adopt a scoring system comparing your list of things to do to what you have accomplished.  When things are rushed and there is no time to explain, you at least know what is required and how you did. If you get a bad score, you know you have the need to change. Your future scores will let you know how you are doing. If in a period of work overload, the list of expectations will be documented for a reasonable discussion where the manager can realize the need to re-align his expectations.

Let’s apply this to something you may be able to identify with better. C-Stores are fast paced, with a lot of activity happening that can impact ones ability to meet expectations. A lot of it can be out of an employee’s control. No manager would want an employee wiping down glass if the store is full of customers from opening to close. If the customer counts support that was the case, then missing the task of cleaning the glass will be overlooked. Without each of these measurements the manager would be left to assume the worst. With the accountable measurement, the employee is deemed as doing the right thing by taking care of their customers and everyone just moves on.

Comfort of Accountability

Accountability is often given a bad wrap, when in truth, it only hurts those that do not do their job. So if you are doing your job, and your boss is not one to pat you on the back, at least you have the recognition of a job well done. Obviously, everyone wants an objective and shared  understanding of their job performance. The staff, store manager and area manager all need to share the same assessment. Fair and open results breed trust. It is not just the managers but also the staff that benefit from a clear set of rules. In summary, everyone in a C-Store operation can find comfort under accountability.