BandyWorks has been Awarded as Softech’s 2016 “Best Retail Business Intelligence Provider USA”!

BandyWorks has been Awarded as Softech's 2016 "Best Retail Business Intelligence Provider USA"!

BandyWorks is happy to announce that Quik Data™, our Business Intelligence software suite that was built just for C-Stores, was announced the winner of Softech Magazine’s 2016 “Best Retail Business Intelligence Provider- USA” award.  Visit Softech to read the article they wrote  about us.

BandyWorks has decades of custom and product development experience. Having expertise in systems integration and C-Store custom development it quickly has become the company to go to when wanting to get better information that what a typical C-Store Operation is getting.  We provide not only the first Business Intelligence built specifically for C-Stores that improves C-Store performance but also can program for your existing systems to get what you need from them.

Quik Data is our answer to the statement that C-Stores have too much data to be able to use it effectively.  It uses your data to monitor and report  performance metrics to help you find your issues more quickly but it also initiates the resolution of the problems that it finds.   It also allows you to view the trends of your business over time so you will  understand the patterns of your business flow of revenue to differentiate problems from normal ebb and flow.  Put more simply, it merely tells you what you need to know instead of telling you everything.   The easy to use interface can run on any mobile device keeping Supervisors to Executives entirely in the loop of what is going on in every store, every day.

Tom Bandy, CEO of BandyWorks commented, “It is so rewarding to have our hard work and innovative solutions recognized by this leading international organization.  We have put in a lot of hours and research into building our solution and this award will be a great motivator for all of us at BandyWorks.  We look forward to bringing out our next round of innovation in 2017.  We extend thanks to Softech for this high honor.”

If you would like to learn more about Quik Data and how it is helping C-Stores improve their store performance, then just call our sales team at (804) 744-8844 x 111 or, visit our website.  BandyWorks is still offering free trials of Quik Data.  You can enjoy receiving Manufacturer Scan Data Rebate Checks, watch your performance improve, and see quick progress to achieving your goals.  Who knows?  You may even set them higher next yea