Growing Your Business Through Successful Dealers – Southern New England Energy Conference Monday, Sept 24 10:00 AM

Image of c-store. There are five reasons to use c-store retail data analytics. C-store operators use retail analytics and these five beneficial attributes to control the store performance, save time and increase profits.

Growing Your Business Through Successful Dealers – Southern New England Energy Conference Monday, Sept 24 10:00 AM

Breakout Session

C-Store Performance for Jobbers – Growing Your Business Through Successful Dealers 

“C-Store Performance – The proven way to increase sales, simplify work and make time to grow.

Presented by BandyWorks CEO, Tom Bandy

If the dealers to whom you distribute fuel are successful, you’ll be successful too.  Individual c-stores will succeed if they are attractive to customers and do all the basics right.  But your dealers will also succeed if they grow through acquisition or through adding new stores organically.  But uncontrolled growth can also be a path to disaster, and this session will show there are distinct phases to multiple store growth, each with its own unique set of issues to overcome.

Who Should Attend?

  • Jobbers
  • C-Store Owners
  • Operations Directors, VP’s
  • District Managers


image of a pyramid show the 4 stages or levels of cstore performance maturity - Founding, Organizing, Growing adn Thriving

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