BandyWorks Focus: C-Store Growth & Control

Like many of our C-Store customers, BandyWorks is family owned. Our unique approach is tied to our philosophy of trust, openness, and accountability. Our team focuses on providing dependable managed service for our clients. Our collaborative process, relationship building, and aggressive desire to solve problems is the secret to our success.

Meet our global team:

  • Tom Bandy, CEO
    Tom Bandy CEO
  • Holly Bandy Co-Owner
  • Mason Cowan Marketing Services Director
  • Maha Aiswarya Delivery Services Director
  • Vishwas Venkatesh Client Success
  • Kathy Magnusson Controller
  • Chandini Rajeev Managed Services Lead
image of Tom Bandy with clients using promotional analysis during an employee retention work shop.

What Makes Us Different?

BandyWorks is highly rated by C-Store distributors and data processors who know our work. Ask around. We’ll gladly provide referrals on request.

Our software and services are designed for independently owned, both large and small, C-Store operators who have limited staff and resources, but who are committed to growing their business.

Tom Bandy has more than 30 years of high level data management experience, and has worked with hundreds of C-Store operators, including some of the largest chains.

We recognize that our programs have to generate enough revenue to not just pay for themselves, but to provide a meaningful return on the investment for the operator.

Trusted by C-Stores Across the Country

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Beyond Tobacco Rebates: What else can I do with my Scan Data?

In our work with family chains, we’ve found that store data accessibility and distribution are common issues for operations managers and supervisors. The lack of easy access to operations focused data can lead to environments where losses are hidden longer, and growth opportunities go unrealized.

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