Weekly Learning with Live Sessions

Store managers get an email with study resource each week. They can work online alone or join any of the five weekly workshop options to have live interactions with our analytics consultants and work individually with other store managers via a zoom session from the comfort of their office or home.

Managers receive

  1. Validation of the approaches
  2. New tools to address recruitment and training
  3. Instructions for Using Retail Data Analytics
  4. Age Verification metrics
  5. Shrink alarms
  6. Sales trends training
  7. Upselling coaching
  8. Inventory Management
  9. Shift Duty Oversight
  10. Handling the drama
  11. Management best practices
    1. Time Management
    2. Addressing problems
    3. Radical candor
    4. Building trust
    5. Ideal team players
    6. Performance recognition
    7. Problem Solving
    8. Corrective actions and termination
“Practical advice, data analytics training, talk with peers,
and have a support system.” – Kendra, Split Stop Manager