Make sure you are maximizing your tobacco scan data rebates.

Monday: 10:00 AM EDT
Friday: 9:30 AM EDT

Have our experts review your sales to look for upselling opportunities and ensure you are following the process for full compliance. There are new options with Altria, RJR and leading tobacco manufacturers. Tobacco drives traffic and rebates impact profit margins. Invest 20 minutes to ensure you are maximizing your results.


  1. Altria Digital Platform – (Tier 2 and 3)
  2. RJR loyalty and scan data certification
  3. Review for additional promotions
“Practical advice, data analytics training, talk with peers,
and have a support system.” – Kendra, Split Stop Manager

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Beyond Tobacco Rebates: What else can I do with my Scan Data?

In our work with family chains, we’ve found that store data accessibility and distribution are common issues for operations managers and supervisors. The lack of easy access to operations focused data can lead to environments where losses are hidden longer, and growth opportunities go unrealized.

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