We offer the most foolproof Tobacco Scan Data Rebate service available. Our customers can attest to it.

Our Clients experience the most foolproof
Tobacco Scan Data Rebate service available

The rebate process is complex. Manufacturer rules and requirements are constantly evolving, making the programs prone to errors and confusion.

In order to cut through the confusion, we built a robust multilayered monitoring system into our QuikData software with the understanding our Clients couldn’t anticipate every new change. Errors are detected real-time and addressed by BW Technicians to minimize the potentially catastrophic and often costly outcomes that can occur with other company’s Scan Data Rebate solutions.

Our deep experience with the Scan Data Rebate programs,  whether solving complex integrations & loyalty, establishing best practices, or achieving account validation for every Tobacco SDR program available, ensures our clients maintain their competitive edge.

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