Apply the full power of transaction data analytics to managing and improving store performance.

It’s imperative to analyze your performance trends if you want to operate successfully. Since 2011 BandyWorks’ Quik Data softwarehas been helping small and mid-sized C-Store operators become more competitive by leveraging all their available data.

Quik Data is a proven C-Store Performance management system that structures work, streamlines operations, and improves productivity. It’s designed to be the perfect complement to your back-office software.

Quik Data software is made up of a set of modules, with each module reporting on and prescribing actions for a given task. Each module’s reports are presented in the Quik Data Dashboard.

Each team member receives a daily dashboard report tailored to their responsibilities, either via login or by email.

To get started you’ll work with our experts to pick which modules to implement and identify the data to be tracked and analyzed. Our clients typically start with one or two modules that best fit their growth priorities.

You specify the reports to be delivered, who will receive them and how the reports will be used.

BandyWorks provides free training to ensure your team gets maximum results.




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