Apply the full power of transaction data analytics to managing and improving store performance.

Most often based on the size of their operation, customers come to us with different issues around the same question: “What else can I do with my scan data?”

When it comes to scan data beyond tobacco rebates, our team’s depth of experience is shaped by working closely with some of the best c-store chains, large and small. Often, even the most technology forward operators feel they are not fully leveraging the details of every transaction in their stores.

We consider this an issue of data transparency and have developed a retailer centric process for discovering new and suspected opportunities. Just a few of these opportunities include:
1. Better leverage for vendor negotiations
2. Simpler methods of theft monitoring and discovery
3. Compliance protection for age restricted sales
4. Detailed basket and promotion analysis

We love to collaborate with customers to capture the greatest impact from store performance innovations, brought to retailers in a way that’s easy to share with their team.

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