Grow, Your Way - It’s Guaranteed
About BandyWorks

Like many of our C-Store customers, BandyWorks is family owned. Our unique approach to scan data is tied our philosophy of trust, openness and accountability.

We focus our work on providing dependable transparency for our customers and our team. Our collaborative process, relationship building, and aggressive desire to solve problems is the secret to our success.

What Sets BandyWorks Apart?
  • BandyWorks is highly rated by C-Store distributors and data processors who know our work. Ask around. We’ll gladly provide referrals on request.
  • Our software and services are designed for independently owned, both large and small, C-Store operators who have limited staff and resources, but who are committed to growing their business.
  • Tom Bandy has more than 30 years of high level data management experience, and has worked with hundreds of C-Store operators, including some of the largest chains.
  • We recognize that our programs have to generate enough revenue to not just pay for themselves, but to provide a meaningful return on the investment for the operator.

In 2011 Tom Bandy, a data management expert, was hired by one of the top 10 C-Store chains to help their in-house team solve a data management problem. The project, which required months of work, allowed Tom to gain an understanding of the C-Store industry. He saw the significant advantage that the large chains enjoyed versus their smaller competitors, particularly given their ability to pay for and build sophisticated, proprietary data analytics software to help manage their businesses.

After successfully completing the project, for which he received an award, Tom started BandyWorks. His mission was to create and build innovative data solutions for small and mid-sized C-Store operators. Solutions like the fast setup of tobacco rebates, enforcement of age verification, and the most precise and user-friendly shrinkage detection system.

If you’re looking for innovative solutions that leverage your data to help manage and grow your C-Store business, and successfully compete with the big chains, the team at BandyWorks would like to talk with you.