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Quik Data, Business Intelligence Tools To Help You Drive C-Store Performance.


photo-solutions-_03Quik Data Essential is built for the company that wants to better measure and improve store performance. Quik Data achieves this by monitoring and analyzing the large and small details that drive a C-Store Operation on a daily basis.  The Essential bundle includes the following easy to understand, easy to use tools.


Quik Data Scorecards

Scorecards are used to distribute performance results through the organization so that issues can be understood and resolved quickly. Daily performance results are interpreted into grades, A through F.  The basis for the scorecard grades is set by management.

There are three versions of the scorecard: Management, Supervisor, and Store Manager. Scorecards are sent daily and include grades for the day, the week to date, and the month to date.

Alerts notify each store as to what they need to focus on in order to improve their grades, as well as to events that are taking place that need to be watched, like No Sales, Cash O/S and Voids.

Supervisors see the scorecard results for their stores, individually and in aggregate.  A complete list of issues in their stores are available to them for review and they can see the plans the Store Managers are implementing to resolve them.  The scorecards get everyone on the same page to drive C-Stores towards their goals.


Quik Data Reports & Quik Data Analytics

Quik Data Reports are created for you without forcing you to combine and analyze multiple reports.  Spend your time analyzing results, not crunching numbers. Just click the report you would like to view and have it appear on your screen, in your office or remotely on your mobile device.

Quik Data Analytics includes Graphs and Maps that will give you a single-screen view of your business’s performance with just a click. See your sales performance by product category over any time interval that you wish, for any store or any combination of stores.  See how categories are performing by day, week or month versus the last comparable period.

Geocoding your reports onto maps allows you to see results by location to determine if location is the reason for your performance results. You can see your best and worst performing stores quickly, and quickly drill down to the details.  You can see your trends, locate your problems, see where you are making your revenue and where your revenue is slipping.  It offers a bird’s eye view of the answers to the questions C-Store Operators ask themselves every day.


Quik Check

You will be able to monitor and track the completion of those duties by store employees that result in customer loyalty and ensure your ability to meet the requirements of your vendors.

You can also survey your customers on kiosks or tablets in-store to get critical feedback. One favorite is “Were the restrooms clean?”

Because Quik Data is built just for C-Stores, we ensure you know exactly how your stores are performing. If you want quick access to information about what is going on in your company along with a process to communicate and drive improvements, Quik Data Checklist will meet your needs.


photo-solutions-_06Quik Data Insight is for the C-Store Operator who wants all the benefits found in Quik Data Essential, but adds Quik SDR and Advanced Analytics.


Quik SDR

There is no faster way to generate additional revenue than through the Manufacturer Rebate programs. Quik Data pulls the scan data from your registers and creates the reports required by the manufacturers, in the format they mandate.  Simply click a button and submit the report. Your check shows up in your mailbox.  While you will need to contact your manufacturers’ representatives to set up these special accounts, you can leave the report generation to Quick SDR.  We currently offer certified reports for cigarette manufacturers with rebate programs. While actual rebates will depend upon your cigarette sales revenue, we have customers whose rebates more than pay for Quik Data.


Quik Data Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics delivers advanced sales insights everyone needs to manage results. Immediately identify your top sellers and see which categories and items are moving faster or starting to slow down. Understand your exact sales.

See how your sales are trending with the Trending Report. Compare your specific sales by store for your entire company. Know the exact trend as a percentage or actual volume change – by day, week or month. Trending reports cover your last six periods, as well as year over year. The analysis is done for you. You merely click a button, select the desired time frame and see it all.

You’ll also quickly see when revenue is declining, alerting you when corrective actions are needed.  Trending allows you to watch your performance variables to ensure things are improving as you initiate corrective actions. This is the go to report for determining when strategic action is required.

If you know what is missing in your reporting but you’re not finding time to create what you need, or you are not getting important information in a timely manner, then this is the Quik Data option that will suit you best.



photo-solutions-_08Quik Data Balanced is for the Manager who wants to have all the benefits of Insight, along with a better understanding of product sales performance at the unit or UPC level. Quick Data Balanced is the ultimate tool for marketing and operational analytics. It is designed for the company that wants to use data to research problems, assist negotiations and test experiments with facts.

Scan Data Mart

Tap into all of your scan data to learn more about your stores’ performance.  You will make better purchasing decisions, as well as better marketing decisions. Negotiations with your suppliers will benefit by having exact, accurate data available to you with a click of a button. See how many units were sold by a UPC code or description.  Capture which products are selling well versus which are doing poorly.  Find out at what time of day products are selling best. See the number of transactions you have per hour. To add even further value, you can see the amount of time each transaction is taking in each of your stores. With the ability to extract this information to Excel, marketing teams no longer have to spend time building reports to do their jobs.

If you want to understand your business better, including unit level performance, then Quik Data Balanced is the solution for you.