BandyWorks experience is available for your c-store growth.

In addition to the consulting that is provided to our clients with our managed retail data analytics tools, applications, and services, we also provide interactive staff development options. Our learning school provides self-paced training with certification for c-store management, accountability, and analytics. Our workshops provide live web-based sessions with coaches. The sessions are schedule throughout the week to allow your staff to learn when they choose.

The sessions are interactive with lots of feedback and sharing. The experience provides an online ‘focus group’ experience to all your managers without the expense of travel and the disruption to store operations. Use the career building certifications to eliminate the skill gap, reward top staff and organically prepare your team for growth.

The workshops, training and consulting services are all based on years of experience with high-growth convenience retail operators. We provide the data analysis needed for highly successful family chains. We have helped and learned from the best.

The workshops are a hands-on, interactive experience based on c-store operations to use data analytics for store management, accountability, and staff development/retention. 

There are three separate workshop series:

1. Owner/Operations Director

Join chain store leaders working to establish best practices.
Monthly focus on developing staff, growing sales, and keeping control. The meetings address timely issues such as hiring, tobacco scan data, loyalty, food service, gas pricing, staff development and using retail data analytics to achieve c-store growth. The workshops address key issues to establish the culture, practices, communication, and skills needed for successful operations.

2. District Manager

Twice-a-Month Workshops for District Managers
Like the store manager series, this workshop focuses on coaching for sales growth, shrink control, age compliance and c-store growth in general. It applies the principles of management accountability as the foundation of all management practices. It covers retail analytics for c-stores and operations management. The course is for those who manage multiple stores and addresses the challenges of coaching the coaches and addressing the supervision of remote locations.

3. Store Manager

Weekly Workshops for Store Managers
Store managers are critical to the success of c-store performance. This workshop provides focused sessions delivered in an interactive format that provides feedback and peer reviews.

The work shop develops key management skills, reinforces best practices and enables attendees to  develop retail analytic skills using real data to review and to real life operations.

New managers gains skill and confidences. Experienced managers confirm their practices, reconnect to their core beliefs and feel connected to others doing the same job.


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Beyond Tobacco Rebates: What else can I do with my Scan Data?

In our work with family chains, we’ve found that store data accessibility and distribution are common issues for operations managers and supervisors. The lack of easy access to operations focused data can lead to environments where losses are hidden longer, and growth opportunities go unrealized.

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