Deep Technology Experience Ensures Quik Data’s Robust Reliability

52002817 - economical stock market graphQuik Data is developed using Microsoft SQL Server, .Net MVC, JavaScript and Bootstrap for a fully mobile-ready experience. While we focus our delivery first on what our clients need, we invest in the current technologies to ensure you can drive your store performance on whatever devices you have – just so long as you have access to the internet.

Our extensive experience driving large data based systems that are distributed commercially has ensured a solid architecture with simple access to your information. Quik Data is scalable to grow with our clients as they add more stores, and extensible to add all the functionality that we envision will help our clients grow their businesses.

The system includes a role-based security system that enables you to empower those staff members that need information, without overloading them with information that is not necessary for their jobs. The security model supports the mission to provide the trends, grades and recommendations to maximize each person’s work.