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Healthcare Big Data

Healthcare Big Data Trends

Examining our health system to see how Big Data can improve results What a great summary of how Big Data analytics, ETL and Dashboards can improve outcomes: Active decision making, statistical support for treatments, performance accountability, collaboration, regulatory compliance, remote service, planning, logistical support of operations. Read more on this article with our friends at […] more...

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Pentaho CTools Dashboard

Convenience Store Performance Analytics like Google Dashboard

Managing Convenience Store performance like Google analytics manages a web site Google analytics uses key performance indicators to show how a web site is performing. With this information you can track your web site performance and determine how your marketing programs are working in terms of bringing people to a site and getting them to […] more...

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Data migration Jump on in

Data Migration – Plan the Plan

Implementing new systems with old data – basic elements to include in your data migration plan Implementing new systems is part of any IT life cycle. Business must continue to increase productivity and IT systems are a key part of many improvement efforts. It is typical that the new system must accommodate the old data […] more...

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Big Data project management

Agile Dashboards with Pentaho CTools

Dashboards are very powerful tools to implement tracking and accountability. They provide a quick and simple means to share data to assess performance objectively – identify strengths and weaknesses one of the key data points to help with accountability. Their use is easily justified in large organizations with important goals and often warrants extensive investments […] more...

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One year old

We are delighted to announce the pending birthday of our newest addition to the BandyWorks family.  Vanessa Vinodh Kumar was born March 04, 2013.  Mom and Dad are as proud as can be! more...

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One fast ETL tool – Pentaho PDI

Extract, transform and loading is a necessary part of many Big Data jobs. We use tools to do it faster and cheaper to move the work to the dashboards and analytics to get results. Read The Full Blog Here more...

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Case Study: Get to the root of problems

The Latino’s have coached accountability for two generations. Since the 70’s the Reliability Center has guided clients to the source of problems to pro-actively eliminate errors and increase production. BandyWorks Big Data team helps to manage the software to make this happen. Read The Full Case Study Here more...

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Three results that define ‘Big’ in Big Data

Matthew Shoup of LinkedIn provides an insightful way to interpret the ‘Big’ in Big Data. No one cares about the ‘Big’ unless there are results. This approach puts the focus where it matters. Read More From His Post Here more...

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