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Image of CStore Associate appreciated for good work

C-Store High Performance – How Important is Appreciation?

Watching High Performance High performance teams display their success on a regular basis. When you are part of such a team you become part of its environment. You are recognized and engaged. You feel the sense of teamwork. You are noticed and your presence is welcomed. Encouragement is everywhere. Such teams have an abundance of […] more...

By  on August 18, 2017
Store Manager helping with C-Store Sales

Is Knowledge Power? Can It Drive C-Store Sales?

Information Impact We are often asked if an application like Quik Data can really make any difference to C-Store Sales and Profits. Assuming that solving problems can positively improve sales and profits, the question can be refined as follows: Can having accurate information help you solve problems? Surprisingly, the answer seems to vary widely when […] more...

By  on August 8, 2017
image of a round to it. sometimes you need to get around to it fast

The Inertia of C-Store Performance – Time for Change

A Time to Change When putting new processes and technologies into place to save time or increase profits, there are lots of things that can impact success. Even if you are making changes specifically to address waste that harms the team, the beneficiaries of the change will still experience stress. Many changes create some level […] more...

By  on August 2, 2017
Image of Compare Back Office to Store Performance is like comparing Apples to Oranges

What is C-Store Performance Software and How is it Different from Back Office Software?

Back Office Software versus Store Performance Software for C-Stores   Occasionally when we speak with C-Store management teams about Quik Data their first response is “We already have a back office system.” Our response is always to acknowledge the absolute importance of having a back office system. Even if you have just a single store, […] more...

By  on June 30, 2017
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C-Store Performance – So corporate can see this?

Yep. It works. Best intentions are good, but inspections are better.  How many times in our training do we hear this question ‘So corporate can see this information?’. The answer ‘yes’ carries a certain gravity. No one wants to disappoint or fail. There are lots of reasons why we slip up. We want to do […] more...

By  on June 13, 2017
Making the decisions need to implementing C-Store perfromance i with Quik Data

C-Stores, If you come to the fork in the data, take it

Yogi Berra was often lampooned for his seemingly non-sensible statements. But the easy to remember and thoughtful concepts help to clarify issues and allow simple choices.  His take the fork statement made sense when you understand that he lived mid-way on a circular road. When driving to his house you came to a fork. Either […] more...

By  on May 11, 2017

What Hurts C-Store Managers More – Blunt Honesty or Acceptance & Polite Excuses?

As hard as it is to admit, some of the most effective coaching I ever received was when a trusted person told me he needed to stop wasting his time trying to help me because nothing was getting accomplished.   It hurt like crazy, but made me dig deep to find the problem and take action.  I am […] more...

By  on May 5, 2017
The Balanced Scorecard in Quik Data

The 4 Components to a Balanced Scorecard to Optimize Your C-Store Performance

When driving C-Store performance it is important to hit financial goals to maintain short term needs but looking at a balanced view helps to view both long and short term as well as the internal and external perspectives. Improving revenue in a c-store used to work well with the basic sales measurement reports. Managers would follow sales and […] more...

By  on April 17, 2017
C-Store employee not listening0980364 - angry brunette not listening to her boyfriend on white background


Working with top C-Store operators provides a lot of great insights into management. C-Store operators have to deal with heavy competition, long hours, and weekend work. This environment often leads to high turnover. In order to run well you have to have staff that can get things done as you need.  If your store performance is suffering […] more...

By  on March 23, 2017
Image of a child's hand supported by father symbolizing the encouragement that makes accountability work

Step Up To Accountability and Increase C-Store Performance

It is well understood that consequences and rewards are key components to successful accountability. Most even agree that clear goals, assignments, deadlines and processes are required to make accountability work fully. We even have a six step definition to help those that are serious about using an accountability process to streamline their organization and get […] more...

By  on March 14, 2017
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The 4 Stages To Put C-Stores On The Path To Accountability

The way humans deal with change is a process. Many have studied different stages for human response to life changes – growing, aging and death. Likewise, management studies show that change management has to be addressed in order for an organization to reach its potential. Like any organization change the implementation of a strong accountability […] more...

By  on February 22, 2017
How to handle discomfort in your employees when it is time for change in a c-Store company

How C-Stores can make a change if they do not want discomfort?

Fortunately, C-Stores employees are quite used to change. Prices, legislation, and products change often and sometimes every day. Anyone who has worked in a C-Store company, for any amount of time, is never shocked with change. However there are some changes that are bigger than most.  These are the changes to the core things you have […] more...

By  on February 15, 2017
Quik Data Makes Business Intelligence easy to improve C-Store Performance

Why C-Stores Have a Cultural Advantage of Using Business Intelligence Over Other Industries

If you were to pick up any industry trade journal without finding something relative to the importance Business Intelligence, it would be surprising.  It has become quite the buzz word.  There is a sound reason for that.  By monitoring, measuring and communicating performance results any company can manager better. The analysis these tools provide allows managers to  know […] more...

By  on February 8, 2017
52002817 - economical stock market graph

Using Business Intelligence to Make Money

We are engulfed in the value of automation and online systems to help make businesses run better, more cheaply and more efficiently.  It is easy to forget that computers, their applications and easy to reach online resources are worth nothing without some sort of human involvement.  They are merely tools built to make humans function […] more...

By  on January 23, 2017
BLOG 12 x 4 Banner

BandyWorks has been Awarded as Softech’s 2016 “Best Retail Business Intelligence Provider USA”!

  BandyWorks is happy to announce that Quik Data™, our Business Intelligence software suite that was built just for C-Stores, was announced the winner of Softech Magazine’s 2016 “Best Retail Business Intelligence Provider- USA” award.  Visit Softech to read the article they wrote  about us. BandyWorks has decades of custom and product development experience. Having expertise in […] more...

By  on January 12, 2017
Everyone in a C-Store Operation can find Comfort in Accountability

Everyone in a C-Store Operation Can Find Comfort Under the Blanket of Accountability

Accountability is everyone’s friend. It provides the support that organizes, motivates, rewards and recognizes your work. Too often, in the rush to keep things moving we only take time to analyze problems or mistakes to fix them. A natural management response but one that can leave us feeling less that perfectly appreciated. The great thing […] more...

By  on December 7, 2016
Improving your P&L with Quik Data

3 Steps You Can Take in Your Stores to Improve your Monthly P&L Statement

If you were to hand one of your Store Managers your P&L Statement, they may be able to tell you if it is a good or bad.    For example, if beer sales are down in their store on the P&L, their answer may  be, “I need to sell more beer next month.”   To ask them what they […] more...

By  on November 30, 2016
Balancing the C-Store Performance Scorecard

The 4 Components of a Balanced C-Store Performance Scorecard

If you were to be asked to judge a picture when someone was standing in front of it at the time, you would probably say you could not make the call until you see the entire picture.  If given the option of a tricycle or a unicycle, most would opt for the stability of the […] more...

By  on November 16, 2016
Let your C-Store Stand out by using accountability

Surprising Results of the C-Store Managment Method of Accountability

Accountability works, is needed and is expected in almost every situation – work, athletics, academics, relationships; you name it. Nonetheless, it often feels bad when encountered. Well at least when it is encountered as a ‘teaching’ or ‘coaching’ moment. The problem, however, is not that feedback for negative performance is often done incorrectly. Getting help […] more...

By  on October 26, 2016
Business Intelligence is not too difficult for small C-Store Owners to improve their store  performance

Is Business Intelligence Too Complicated for Small C-Store Operators?

  Some argue that you have to have hundreds of stores to afford the staff and expertise needed benefit from business intelligence. Processing, organizing, analyzing and sharing the insights takes time, money and resources that are just too costly for small operators. With all the challenges of running a store the management is just too […] more...

By  on October 20, 2016
Use Check Lists to improve C-Store Performance

The 3 C’s That Define the Power of the Check List

We have been to and talked with C-Stores who use checklists.  They have duty lists in the stores, IT backup lists in the IT departments, people have to do lists on their desks and there are probably many more we haven’t seen.  These are usually tasks that need to get done and what their managers are […] more...

By  on October 12, 2016
Using Grades to improve C-Store Performance

Why Grades Matter for C-Store Performance

Many innovative tools are using simple grades to turn complex data into understanding, motivation and action. Many argue as to the validity of a single score showing anything meaningful, but many others believe it is one of the most effective ways to use data to help improve performance. I have seen these basic grades used […] more...

By  on September 28, 2016
46769603 - one snickers bar isolated on white background

4 Ways to Make Your C-Store Database Sell More Snickers

Every C-Store owner challenges us data geeks to do something useful, like selling more Snickers. They often tease that data cannot sell anything or help with the real work of providing convenience. We know they are right in many ways. Of course it is the C-Store staff that does the real work to make service […] more...

By  on September 23, 2016
Business Tools eliminate the time spent of manual analysis for C-Stores.

3 Ways Business Intelligence Tools Can Eliminate C-Store Analysis Impediments

If you read articles in the C-Store Industry journals or magazines it is hard to find an issue without some sort of mention on the value of analyzing your data and using it to drive your business.  A lot C-store operators feel like they have so much data it feels like a Big Data mountain to climb in […] more...

By  on September 13, 2016
BandyWorks' rezeal theory to improve individual store performance

Making the Effort to “Re-Zeal”

All employees of a C-Store have responsibilities. Whether it is managing the company, buying inventory, overseeing operations, serving customers or raising a family, people spend their time seeking objectives, solving problems and handling what comes to them each day.  This stress is normal life. If to think of your productivity as a battery, it is […] more...

By  on June 29, 2016
Control Store Performance by using the numbers

Do numbers really matter when managing store performance?

Why does the existence of performance numbers impact the very performance they measure. It is often stated ‘If you want to improve something measure it.’ The statement is rarely disputed but not always supported. There are just as many reasons not to analyze your data as there are to do so. a common one is that it is a sacrifice of productivity […] more...

By  on June 8, 2016
Accountability is nothing to fear

Accountability is Better Store Performance, Not a 4 Letter Word

Accountability is one of the most used terms when it comes to fixing problems. A lot of times is happens after something is so bad that it gets a lot of attention. For many people it means punishment and only negative things – this is why accountability strikes fear in the hearts of many. Fear, […] more...

By  on May 18, 2016
image of C-STore Manager Surprised with Store Performance

Don’t Let your C-Store Performance Problems be a Surprise

Everyone knows that life has surprises and life has problems. The trick is to do what you can to make sure those problems are not surprises. If you are looking at your C-Store performance on a monthly basis, you may be well aware of that wisdom. As software developers who have worked for companies of all […] more...

By  on May 11, 2016
C-Store Performance, Quik Data, Business Intelligence

5 Things that slip through the cracks in a C-Store that Quik Data Scorecards catch.

There are a lot of details to take care of in a C-Store.  It is easy to let small details slip through the cracks.  Here are 5 that companies are catching by using the Quik Data Scorecard 1) Tank Meters are not calibrated correctly Tank meters are prone to a lot of action and hardware with […] more...

By  on April 22, 2016
Measuring performance is caring

This is Not Your Mother’s Love

One of the surprising things about the motivational impact of numbers on staff performance is that it helps to show you care. Think about it. We know business at some fundamental level has to produce a revenue to continue operations. If you are not measuring the impact of your key staff, how do you really […] more...

By  on February 25, 2016
Quik Data KPI Map showing Basket Size for the day at a location defining Store Performance

The Six Benefits of Removing C-Store Performance Unknowns

UNKNOWNS CREATE STRESS OR APATHY A C-Store Manager knows all to well the concern for a potential result or consequence of the unknown.   They make decisions daily and often without having all of the information they need to do so soundly.  Not knowing if the reports one is getting are accurate, not knowing what revenue to expect to come in […] more...

By  on February 16, 2016
Time and lack of resources often leave the 3 critical steps to solving problems overlooked.

3 Overlooked Steps in Solving C-Store Performance Problems

It is commonly known that problem identification is the first step of solving any problem.  C-Store Managers have reports, experience, Business Intelligence Software and sometimes, even Consultants to help them in this task.  Once a problem is defined, the question then becomes, how do we resolve it.  This will vary on the type of problem […] more...

By  on January 28, 2016
Activity Tracking for better C-Store Performance


I am one of the “doers” in my company. I report directly to our CEO by completing reports showing my activities,  how my projects are progressing and how I am spending my time.  I am held accountable to my results.  Few could argue that it is my activity that yields the  results I achieve so, we track my activity and compare it […] more...

By  on January 7, 2016

I Got My Report Card at Work Today

When thinking back to our school years, there was never a day quite as important than the day when report cards were distributed.  A good student was happy, the lazy one started getting creative and prepared their explanation for their parents.   It was the parent who had to sign the card. It was ultimately their responsibility to either praise the […] more...

By  on November 18, 2015

The Balancing Act of Control

One of my favorite articles read this year was Lori Deshene’s “50 Things You Can Control Right Now”. It was a rare gem I found on the Tiny Buddha Website. While there is much in the world out of our control, there are many things we can do to counter the lack of control we […] more...

By  on October 21, 2015

3 Important Pillars in Teamwork: An Excerpt from The Serenity of Accountability

“Remember teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability”     ~Patrick Lencioni~ Teamwork Having a culture of accountability implies an organization that works together. Teamwork is the mechanism that enables it to overcome individual limitations and fears to produce results that cannot be achieved otherwise. […] more...

By  on September 2, 2015

3 Free Ways to Motivate Employees Out of a Rut

Motivation is not an easy thing to create.  If your pockets are not endless, you are staffing at minimal levels or your business cannot sustain downtime, it is hard to find things you can do to motivate employees.  More money, time off or company events aren’t possible.  So if this is the case, how does management […] more...

By  on August 12, 2015

Are You Playing the Telephone Game in Your Reporting?

As a child, you may have played the game called, Telephone.  It is where people sit in a circle and one whispers a statement into the ear of the person sitting next to them.  It continues until everyone has had a turn to heard to relay the statement until it reaches the last person who sits  before the original whisperer.  Then, that […] more...

By  on July 29, 2015
No calc and spreadsheet

Taking Time to Sharpen Your Tools

Reports drive a business.  Managers look at them to measure performance, make key decisions and set the path for the company going forward. When the tool that is used to guide this process is a report, it makes sense to spend a little time to ensure it provides the right information and is easy to use. […] more...

By  on July 16, 2015

4 Questions to Ask In Order to Answer “What’s Your Coffee Cup?”

When managing a business that is multi-faceted, fast moving and volatile, people who have been in their business a long time tend to select one statistic that will act as their thermometer to relay the health of their company.  It could be something that may seem highly unlikely that they would base their business decisions on because […] more...

By  on June 22, 2015

The Biggest Employee Complaint

A song was written, “Tell me what you want, what you really, really want.” Though this song may be a bit Pop, there is a lot of wisdom in this request. Studies show that employees want and need this feedback. The corporate benefit in doing so is multifold. Dr. Jan West, PHD, wrote an article […] more...

By  on June 19, 2015

Simplifying The 4 Steps of Effective Management Yields Better Results

Most companies use Business Intelligence without even knowing they are using it. They just call it as “keeping an eye on things”.  Though there are different methodologies and perhaps philosophies. the Management process an be broken into four basic steps. Plan, Measure, Predict and Improve. 1. PLAN In order to achieve success, one will need […] more...

By  on June 17, 2015
Business intellegence image representing how to avoid the Tyranny of OR by addressing both specific actional items and overall trends

The Tyranny of OR in a Business Intelligence Environment.

Simplicity is an excellent method of assessing goals, designs and decisions. Every businessman understands how much easier it is for staff when things are straight-forward and clear. Simple is a friend to action and results. Sometimes, however, simple can be confused with easy. Simple is almost never easy. Albert Einstein is credited for defining the […] more...

By  on May 19, 2015
Manager with overloaded intelligence based on manual system Is it time to replace your spreadsheet for a database

Six Signs That You Have Confused Your Spreadsheets With a Database

Green industry executives know full well that using the right tool the right job is key to a successful job. It would be pretty hard to cut most yards if you only had a string trimmer. Every company needs technology to maintain their information and work flow. Most small companies create spreadsheets as a flexible […] more...

By  on April 28, 2015

Winston Churchill’s Wisdom of Ongoing Analysis

Winston Churchill said, “However beautiful the strategy, you should still occasionally look at the results.”   Day to day life typically becomes a routine.  We know what works, what doesn’t and we follow the plan that years of experience has taught us.  Then one day, things come up that we did not expect, and things go wrong.  […] more...

By  on April 9, 2015
Calculate your gross margins to manage your C-Stores. image of Calculator showing Gross Profit as they relate to Gross Margins

Are You Putting Gross Margins and Gross Profits in Your Tool Belt?

Gross Profit and Gross Margin ultimately mean the same thing. How much money are you making. However, Gross Profit looks at the Revenue number, where cost are deducted from sales. Gross Margin is the percentage and comparison of cost to sales. When looking at a percentage of what you can keep from each dollar that […] more...

By  on March 10, 2015
Image of a C-Store Dashboard showing the top level view

Convenience Store Dashboard – Best Practices for Drilldown

Convenience Store operators need data to manage and optimize store sales, operations and profitability. Information is needed at the corporate level, store level as well as tiered levels according to the overall size of the operations. Larger companies often use both regions and districts while mid-size companies typically organize by supervisors. Smaller operations often want […] more...

By  on March 1, 2015
Image of road sign showing custom software development is straight ahead

Essential steps when hiring a software development partner

Custom software makes the work of your team faster and better, but it is an investment in productivity that has some risk. In order to maximize the results, maintain the costs and minimize the risks picking the right developer is important. There are a few important ways for those just starting to work with a […] more...

By  on November 2, 2014
Image of road sign showing custom software development is straight ahead

Why Write Custom Software?

Why should a business create custom software? Automation of key business processes tailored to your business allow precise recording of critical data, reduction in labor, the ability to apply business rules to match your work flow and exact data reporting. The tailoring of applications to match the business process allows a company to achieve a […] more...

By  on October 26, 2014
15291873_s 7 Success Factors Retail

7 Success Factors for Retail Analytics

BandyWorks work with dozens of retail chains and growing businesses. We have found the following 7 critical success factors for driving continuous improvement through retail analytics. 1. Key Performance Indicators – executives and managers should focus intently on their very most important performance metrics. For example, an Executive Dashboard should provide a quick view of […] more...

By  on October 13, 2014
Image of family at a holiday meal. Childhood rules apply to business accountability

What I Learned as a Child Makes a Culture of Accountability Easy

My family taught me everything I needed to know to create a culture of accountability. Growing up, a set of values and rules governed our lives. These tenets fit well into the six items that exists within a culture of accountability. 1. Vision / Mission – Mom’s favorite encouragement was a simple statement – ‘You […] more...

By  on September 28, 2014
Image of working not doing his job as required - Accountability through Dashboards - Stopping Fraud

Accountability through Dashboards – Stopping Fraud

There are so many positive reasons to use dashboards that we often forget about an important other area to consider – stopping fraud. It is great to increase sales, save time, reward top performers, establish best practices and promote great results that derive from using proper dashboard management. Everyone loves to reward performance and find […] more...

By  on September 7, 2014
Image of woman leaping between work and family responsbilities

Nap time and Stand Up Meetings

Preschool in Bangalore, babysitting by Dad in Ireland and baseball coach in Virginia. Three continents, 9.5 hours of time zone difference and kids ranging from 3 to 11. Deadlines for Big Data dashboards, QA work pending and a big query that must run in .5 seconds. When can you meet and what is needed to […] more...

By  on September 1, 2014
Image of man overcoming the fear of tracking to achieve success

Accountability – Six Things to Get Right – 6. Tracking

Action is the real measure of intelligence. Napoleon Hill Fear or courage? Tracking generates fear and inspires courage. It is the part of accountability that most consider when they think of accountability. Fear occurs when tracking is put in place before trust is earned with the accountability system. The lack of trust results from a […] more...

By  on August 17, 2014
Image of team of ants Building trust enables great teamwork that is necessary for accountability

Accountability – Six Things to Get Right – 5. Teamwork

‘Remember teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability’ Patrick Lencioni   Having a culture of accountability implies an organization that works together. Accountability while positive and productive is not the natural state of work. Teamwork is the mechanism that enables it to overcome […] more...

By  on August 2, 2014
Image of Key Performance Indicator for Accountability Goals

Accountability – Six Things to Get Right – 4. Begin with the End in Mind

‘A goal without a reason is like a car without an engine.’ Erik Therwanger When a company has the right vision, team and process, success is kinetically charged. This success can be many things but typically means increased sales, higher quality or higher profits. Defining that success specifically with dates and assignments is the catalyst to action. […] more...

By  on July 27, 2014
Image of process diagram with managers and workers involved - Getting the process right is one of the six rights that enable great accountability

Accountability – Six Things to Get Right – 3. Process

Process – one thing that everyone knows is important for someone else to do. It may be the most unglamorous part of business that gets more bang for the glory than anything else. Most business people know that creating a process is very important, but writing down the steps in a process may be the […] more...

By  on July 20, 2014
Image of bus seats relating the importance of having the right people in place as one of the 6 right things that enable great accountability

Accountability – Six Things to Get Right – 2. The Right Seat on the Bus

How do you put the right person in the right seat? Everyone that hires and manages wants to have the perfect fit. There are two parts to it: the right people and the right seat. Right People Using a strong Vision, it is possible to define both the work that needs to be done and […] more...

By  on July 13, 2014
Image of team lifting arrow with shared vision - accountability - the six rights of accountability - vision/mission

Accountability – Six Things to Get Right – Start with Vision

Your vision is the picture of your preferred future. Establishing the right vision for your company is the first of six critical ‘getting it right’ steps to achieve great accountability. Establishing the vision draws a clear picture that empowers a team to make decisions and act in a cohesive manner. The vision is tightly aligned with one’s […] more...

By  on July 6, 2014
Image of the six rights of accountability - Vision, People, Process, Goals, Teamwork and Tracking

The 6 Rights of Accountability

Great accountability occurs when a company is able to get it right with 1. Vision / Mission – Visions do not change very often, but the mission may change more often to fit the vision. Of course for very successful businesses the vision may evolve – think of The Marlin company that started out making […] more...

By  on June 29, 2014
Image of KPI Tracking Survey results - How long have you tracked KPI's used to measure company history of tracking and accountability

KPI Tracking – When did you start?

Preliminary results regarding how long companies have been tracking their KPI’s are in. The BandyWorks Tracking Key Performance Indicators survey is still active. This survey will collect information on how companies are using KPI’s for tracking and accountability.  Please spend 2-3 minutes to take the survey and see the full results!     Related topics […] more...

By  on June 5, 2014
Accountability Data – Automated Complete Simple

Accountability Data – Balancing – Simple, Complete and Automated

Accountability works well when Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) used are simple, automated and complete. Good results happen when two of the three are in place and used consistently. Great results happen when all three occur. Some argue that it is impossible to accomplish all three in a large organization as it is not simple to […] more...

By  on June 1, 2014
Image of The James House Logo

Accountability – Work Place Support for Staff – How to Deal with Domestic Violence

When Domestic Issues Affect Work No matter how well a business operates there are circumstances that can occur beyond the control of an organization. It is important to have resources available to assist. One issue that is extremely difficult to address is domestic violence. Kiffy Werkheiser, of the James House, provides this information to help […] more...

By  on May 29, 2014
Image of boss hammering staff - accountability concept - consequence versus punishment

Accountability – Consequence versus Punishment

The hard part The toughest part about accountability is applying consequences when performance is not as desired. There comes a point when there has to be a negative consequence. If done correctly, such a point only comes when shared expectations were not met and the responsible party had sufficient time, skills and resources. When it […] more...

By  on May 26, 2014
Image of Convenience Store Performance Dashboard with drilldown on sales categories show specific food sales by date range for region, district or store

Convenience Store Performance Dashboards – KPI’s with Drilldowns

A good graph is worth hours of analysis and a focused drill-down saves hours more. Graphs and drilldowns are favorite tools of analysts. Quickly assessing key performance trends and then being able to see the data that makes the trend is a great tool for maintaining accountability towards a goal. The ability to see a […] more...

By  on May 18, 2014
Accountability Rules for CStores

Convenience Store Accountability Rules – Oh Yeah!

Entering the store for coffee and a snack, a warm ‘hello’ springs from behind the counter while several clients form short lines at 3 registers. The busy store is clean and well organized. Such management does not happen by accident. Accountability is a key component to running a C-Store well. Leading companies and managers use […] more...

By  on May 12, 2014
image of 27% publish KPI's company-wide, 25% publish only to management, 29% do not publish, 19% do not have KPI's in place - Tracking and accountability KPI publishing poll results - BandyWorks Accountability research May, 2014

KPI Sharing- How does your company compare?

As part of our tracking and accountability work, we study best practices. We want to see how companies are using KPI’s in their drive for higher sales and better operational results. The May Poll is complete and the results are in.  Please check our Survey page for a more detailed survey regarding how companies are publishing […] more...

By  on May 2, 2014
Start small with Big Data and focus on actionable insights that drive results

7 Tips for Big Data Success

Experienced Big Data users understand the paradox – Big data starts small. Rather than rush to implement new techniques and technology a small win can help to drive big results. Patience is often hard when there are big problems to solve, but creating a solid foundation for success can make things go faster when you […] more...

By  on April 25, 2014
Greg Fairchild and the UVA Darden School of Business lead a prison entrepreneurial program at Dillwynn Correctional Institute

Accountability lessons from prison

Standing in the Sally port waiting to enter Dillwyn Correctional Institute on a clear spring afternoon, a cold reality of prison life encloses each instructor. The course they are about to lead is an experiment to prepare inmates for successful re-entry to society. Can convicted felons operate a successful business after they complete their sentence? […] more...

By  on April 19, 2014