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09 2015 - Sales copy

3 Insightful Features to Consider When Purchasing Business Intelligence Software

If you break the word insight down to in-sight, the power it gives you is easier to comprehend.  It is easier to correct problems, or avoid troubles when they are known and seen.  While spreadsheet reporting will give you insight into the most critical issues, it can be the little issues that impact the bottom lines of those […] more...

By  on September 17, 2015
Manager with overloaded intelligence based on manual system Is it time to replace your spreadsheet for a database

Six Signs That You Have Confused Your Spreadsheets With a Database

Green industry executives know full well that using the right tool the right job is key to a successful job. It would be pretty hard to cut most yards if you only had a string trimmer. Every company needs technology to maintain their information and work flow. Most small companies create spreadsheets as a flexible […] more...

By  on April 28, 2015

Winston Churchill’s Wisdom of Ongoing Analysis

Winston Churchill said, “However beautiful the strategy, you should still occasionally look at the results.”   Day to day life typically becomes a routine.  We know what works, what doesn’t and we follow the plan that years of experience has taught us.  Then one day, things come up that we did not expect, and things go wrong.  […] more...

By  on April 9, 2015
C-Store business intelligence provides insights when It takes multiple reports, dashboard analytics, geographical mapping, time comparisons and a good solid knowledge of your business puts it all together

3 Dimensions That Are Critical To Seeing The Whole Picture

The information residing on your servers is a key to understanding your business. Marketers have known this for years. However, as fast as thing go in business today, especially in the C-Store space, it is impossible to manually analyze all you need to in order to get the big picture every day as you need […] more...

By  on March 31, 2015
Calculate your gross margins to manage your C-Stores. image of Calculator showing Gross Profit as they relate to Gross Margins

Are You Putting Gross Margins and Gross Profits in Your Tool Belt?

Gross Profit and Gross Margin ultimately mean the same thing. How much money are you making. However, Gross Profit looks at the Revenue number, where cost are deducted from sales. Gross Margin is the percentage and comparison of cost to sales. When looking at a percentage of what you can keep from each dollar that […] more...

By  on March 10, 2015
Image of a C-Store Dashboard showing the top level view

Convenience Store Dashboard – Best Practices for Drilldown

Convenience Store operators need data to manage and optimize store sales, operations and profitability. Information is needed at the corporate level, store level as well as tiered levels according to the overall size of the operations. Larger companies often use both regions and districts while mid-size companies typically organize by supervisors. Smaller operations often want […] more...

By  on March 1, 2015
15291873_s 7 Success Factors Retail

7 Success Factors for Retail Analytics

BandyWorks work with dozens of retail chains and growing businesses. We have found the following 7 critical success factors for driving continuous improvement through retail analytics. 1. Key Performance Indicators – executives and managers should focus intently on their very most important performance metrics. For example, an Executive Dashboard should provide a quick view of […] more...

By  on October 13, 2014
Image of a tablet based dashboard representing things you find in a great dashboard

Ten Things You Find in a Great Dashboard

Dashboards come in many different forms. Regardless of the form, great ones include: Key Data – A dashboard is a quick view to show the status of Key Performance Indicators. Drill-down and trending can provide additional information, but keep the non-critical off the main view so users can quickly assess the situation. Trending – Current […] more...

By  on October 5, 2014
Image of working not doing his job as required - Accountability through Dashboards - Stopping Fraud

Accountability through Dashboards – Stopping Fraud

There are so many positive reasons to use dashboards that we often forget about an important other area to consider – stopping fraud. It is great to increase sales, save time, reward top performers, establish best practices and promote great results that derive from using proper dashboard management. Everyone loves to reward performance and find […] more...

By  on September 7, 2014
Image of man overcoming the fear of tracking to achieve success

Accountability – Six Things to Get Right – 6. Tracking

Action is the real measure of intelligence. Napoleon Hill Fear or courage? Tracking generates fear and inspires courage. It is the part of accountability that most consider when they think of accountability. Fear occurs when tracking is put in place before trust is earned with the accountability system. The lack of trust results from a […] more...

By  on August 17, 2014
Image of mouse-over on a dashboard to see the convenience store breakfast sales and gallons sold for the week. Mouse is hovering over details for breakfast sales

Dashboards – Mouse-over summary with drill-down different insightful piecharts and data exports

Speed to Insight A good dashboard will quickly present results that matter to your success. A great dashboard will then allow a simple mouse-over and drill-down to provide insights or the data you need to do additional analytics to get to the reasons for the results. The best of both worlds Drill-downs are intended to […] more...

By  on August 11, 2014
Image of Key Performance Indicator for Accountability Goals

Accountability – Six Things to Get Right – 4. Begin with the End in Mind

‘A goal without a reason is like a car without an engine.’ Erik Therwanger When a company has the right vision, team and process, success is kinetically charged. This success can be many things but typically means increased sales, higher quality or higher profits. Defining that success specifically with dates and assignments is the catalyst to action. […] more...

By  on July 27, 2014
Image of Convenience Store Performance Dashboards with Big Data Analytics Filters - Filters have English statements that are easy to understand to collect just the data for which analysis is desired

Convenience Store Performance Dashboards – Data Analytics Using Filters

One of the ironies of Big Data is that insights often look like just a few points of data. The ability to extract the right data from large quantities of data is one way to move toward the insights. Filtering data into groups is a technique that allows related information to highlight a big trend […] more...

By  on June 12, 2014
Accountability Data – Automated Complete Simple

Accountability Data – Balancing – Simple, Complete and Automated

Accountability works well when Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) used are simple, automated and complete. Good results happen when two of the three are in place and used consistently. Great results happen when all three occur. Some argue that it is impossible to accomplish all three in a large organization as it is not simple to […] more...

By  on June 1, 2014
Image of Convenience Store Performance Dashboard with drilldown on sales categories show specific food sales by date range for region, district or store

Convenience Store Performance Dashboards – KPI’s with Drilldowns

A good graph is worth hours of analysis and a focused drill-down saves hours more. Graphs and drilldowns are favorite tools of analysts. Quickly assessing key performance trends and then being able to see the data that makes the trend is a great tool for maintaining accountability towards a goal. The ability to see a […] more...

By  on May 18, 2014
Pentaho CTools Dashboard

Convenience Store Performance Analytics like Google Dashboard

Managing Convenience Store performance like Google analytics manages a web site Google analytics uses key performance indicators to show how a web site is performing. With this information you can track your web site performance and determine how your marketing programs are working in terms of bringing people to a site and getting them to […] more...

By  on April 6, 2014