Making the decisions need to implementing C-Store perfromance i with Quik Data

C-Stores, If you come to the fork in the data, take it

Yogi Berra was often lampooned for his seemingly non-sensible statements. But the easy to remember and thoughtful concepts help to clarify issues and allow simple choices.  His take the fork statement made sense when you understand that he lived mid-way on a circular road. When driving to his house you came to a fork. Either […] more...

By  on May 11, 2017

What Hurts C-Store Managers More – Blunt Honesty or Acceptance & Polite Excuses?

As hard as it is to admit, some of the most effective coaching I ever received was when a trusted person told me he needed to stop wasting his time trying to help me because nothing was getting accomplished.   It hurt like crazy, but made me dig deep to find the problem and take action.  I am […] more...

By  on May 5, 2017