Let your C-Store Stand out by using accountability

Surprising Results of the C-Store Managment Method of Accountability

Accountability works, is needed and is expected in almost every situation – work, athletics, academics, relationships; you name it. Nonetheless, it often feels bad when encountered. Well at least when it is encountered as a ‘teaching’ or ‘coaching’ moment. The problem, however, is not that feedback for negative performance is often done incorrectly. Getting help […] more...

By  on October 26, 2016
BandyWorks Quik Data Works with Passport systems to improve C-Store Performance

Passport C-Store Clients Have a New Business Intelligence Option

Anyone with Gilbarco’s, Passport® Version 10.N or higher, now has the ability to quickly start using analytic reports to improve store performance and grow their businesses. This is not to say that reading your transaction data as it comes out of the register will tell you exactly what you want to know, for it does […] more...

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Business Intelligence is not too difficult for small C-Store Owners to improve their store  performance

Is Business Intelligence Too Complicated for Small C-Store Operators?

  Some argue that you have to have hundreds of stores to afford the staff and expertise needed benefit from business intelligence. Processing, organizing, analyzing and sharing the insights takes time, money and resources that are just too costly for small operators. With all the challenges of running a store the management is just too […] more...

By  on October 20, 2016
Use Check Lists to improve C-Store Performance

The 3 C’s That Define the Power of the Check List

We have been to and talked with C-Stores who use checklists.  They have duty lists in the stores, IT backup lists in the IT departments, people have to do lists on their desks and there are probably many more we haven’t seen.  These are usually tasks that need to get done and what their managers are […] more...

By  on October 12, 2016