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5 Things that slip through the cracks in a C-Store that Quik Data Scorecards catch.

There are a lot of details to take care of in a C-Store.  It is easy to let small details slip through the cracks.  Here are 5 that companies are catching by using the Quik Data Scorecard 1) Tank Meters are not calibrated correctly Tank meters are prone to a lot of action and hardware with […] more...

By  on April 22, 2016
Small C-Store Owners have advantages, larger companies don't.

2 Key Competitive Advantages of Owning a Small C-Store Company

If you were to ask someone on the street “What would your rather own, a small company or a big company?”, the typical answer would probably be “A big company”.   Smaller  companies have a lot of advantages that are often overlooked. Besides being easier to run, they can be more innovative, and can respond to market demands […] more...

By  on April 5, 2016