Measuring performance is caring

This is Not Your Mother’s Love

One of the surprising things about the motivational impact of numbers on staff performance is that it helps to show you care. Think about it. We know business at some fundamental level has to produce a revenue to continue operations. If you are not measuring the impact of your key staff, how do you really […] more...

By  on February 25, 2016
Quik Data KPI Map showing Basket Size for the day at a location defining Store Performance

The Six Benefits of Removing C-Store Performance Unknowns

UNKNOWNS CREATE STRESS OR APATHY A C-Store Manager knows all to well the concern for a potential result or consequence of the unknown.   They make decisions daily and often without having all of the information they need to do so soundly.  Not knowing if the reports one is getting are accurate, not knowing what revenue to expect to come in […] more...

By  on February 16, 2016