Time and lack of resources often leave the 3 critical steps to solving problems overlooked.

3 Overlooked Steps in Solving C-Store Performance Problems

It is commonly known that problem identification is the first step of solving any problem.  C-Store Managers have reports, experience, Business Intelligence Software and sometimes, even Consultants to help them in this task.  Once a problem is defined, the question then becomes, how do we resolve it.  This will vary on the type of problem […] more...

By  on January 28, 2016
Activity Tracking for better C-Store Performance


I am one of the “doers” in my company. I report directly to our CEO by completing reports showing my activities,  how my projects are progressing and how I am spending my time.  I am held accountable to my results.  Few could argue that it is my activity that yields the  results I achieve so, we track my activity and compare it […] more...

By  on January 7, 2016