Finance Track your daily results by region, district and supervisor. Automate forecasting and access your enterprise data in real time with interactive reports. Key Performance Indicators include: Revenue vs Forecast Projection Reports Gross Margin Analysis Weighted Average Daily Profit Cash Conversion Cycle Regional Profit Analysis more...

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Marketing Acquire more customers by investing time and energy where it matters. Quik Data puts your data to work to help you measure your results and target your efforts. Marketing executives can use business analytics to make confident well-informed decisions by analyzing: Promotional Effectiveness per Location Sales Trends & Forecasts by Product Line Average Basket […] more...

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IT Your company has mountains of data that must be reviewed to allow managers to make decisions and drive the business. BandyWorks’ Quik Data dashboards, reports and alerts fit into your environment to help you process the massive quantities of data more quickly. Our consultants understand how to work with your team. Give us a […] more...

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Operations Track daily and real-time operational performance, and visualize your enterprise data to discover actionable insights and make well-informed decisions. Operations dashboards include: Revenue vs Forecast Cash over/under Product Category Sales Breakdown Hourly Revenue Per Employee Average Basket Size Sales Alerts more...

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CEO Track your top level performance and business health with the ability to drill down and pinpoint an issue that needs to be addressed. CEO dashboards include: Cash Balance Revenue vs Forecast Top-Selling Product Lines Gross Profit Analysis Revenue per Labor Hour Average Basket Size more...

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