Image of family at a holiday meal. Childhood rules apply to business accountability

What I Learned as a Child Makes a Culture of Accountability Easy

My family taught me everything I needed to know to create a culture of accountability. Growing up, a set of values and rules governed our lives. These tenets fit well into the six items that exists within a culture of accountability. 1. Vision / Mission – Mom’s favorite encouragement was a simple statement – ‘You […] more...

By  on September 28, 2014
Image of working not doing his job as required - Accountability through Dashboards - Stopping Fraud

Accountability through Dashboards – Stopping Fraud

There are so many positive reasons to use dashboards that we often forget about an important other area to consider – stopping fraud. It is great to increase sales, save time, reward top performers, establish best practices and promote great results that derive from using proper dashboard management. Everyone loves to reward performance and find […] more...

By  on September 7, 2014
Image of woman leaping between work and family responsbilities

Nap time and Stand Up Meetings

Preschool in Bangalore, babysitting by Dad in Ireland and baseball coach in Virginia. Three continents, 9.5 hours of time zone difference and kids ranging from 3 to 11. Deadlines for Big Data dashboards, QA work pending and a big query that must run in .5 seconds. When can you meet and what is needed to […] more...

By  on September 1, 2014