Image of the six rights of accountability - Vision, People, Process, Goals, Teamwork and Tracking

The 6 Rights of Accountability

Great accountability occurs when a company is able to get it right with 1. Vision / Mission – Visions do not change very often, but the mission may change more often to fit the vision. Of course for very successful businesses the vision may evolve – think of The Marlin company that started out making […] more...

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Image of Convenience Store Performance Dashboards with Big Data Analytics Filters - Filters have English statements that are easy to understand to collect just the data for which analysis is desired

Convenience Store Performance Dashboards – Data Analytics Using Filters

One of the ironies of Big Data is that insights often look like just a few points of data. The ability to extract the right data from large quantities of data is one way to move toward the insights. Filtering data into groups is a technique that allows related information to highlight a big trend […] more...

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Image of KPI Tracking Survey results - How long have you tracked KPI's used to measure company history of tracking and accountability

KPI Tracking – When did you start?

Preliminary results regarding how long companies have been tracking their KPI’s are in. The BandyWorks Tracking Key Performance Indicators survey is still active. This survey will collect information on how companies are using KPI’s for tracking and accountability.  Please spend 2-3 minutes to take the survey and see the full results!     Related topics […] more...

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Accountability Data – Automated Complete Simple

Accountability Data – Balancing – Simple, Complete and Automated

Accountability works well when Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) used are simple, automated and complete. Good results happen when two of the three are in place and used consistently. Great results happen when all three occur. Some argue that it is impossible to accomplish all three in a large organization as it is not simple to […] more...

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