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Accountability – Work Place Support for Staff – How to Deal with Domestic Violence

When Domestic Issues Affect Work No matter how well a business operates there are circumstances that can occur beyond the control of an organization. It is important to have resources available to assist. One issue that is extremely difficult to address is domestic violence. Kiffy Werkheiser, of the James House, provides this information to help […] more...

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Accountability – Consequence versus Punishment

The hard part The toughest part about accountability is applying consequences when performance is not as desired. There comes a point when there has to be a negative consequence. If done correctly, such a point only comes when shared expectations were not met and the responsible party had sufficient time, skills and resources. When it […] more...

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Image of Convenience Store Performance Dashboard with drilldown on sales categories show specific food sales by date range for region, district or store

Convenience Store Performance Dashboards – KPI’s with Drilldowns

A good graph is worth hours of analysis and a focused drill-down saves hours more. Graphs and drilldowns are favorite tools of analysts. Quickly assessing key performance trends and then being able to see the data that makes the trend is a great tool for maintaining accountability towards a goal. The ability to see a […] more...

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Accountability Rules for CStores

Convenience Store Accountability Rules – Oh Yeah!

Entering the store for coffee and a snack, a warm ‘hello’ springs from behind the counter while several clients form short lines at 3 registers. The busy store is clean and well organized. Such management does not happen by accident. Accountability is a key component to running a C-Store well. Leading companies and managers use […] more...

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How Big is Big in Big Data?

As Big Data becomes more popular, the question often asked is ‘What is Big Data?’ While there are lots of ways to answer, one part of the answer inevitably includes quantity. While there is no precise definition of how much is necessary to be considered Big, most accept that amount of data keeps getting bigger. […] more...

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image of 27% publish KPI's company-wide, 25% publish only to management, 29% do not publish, 19% do not have KPI's in place - Tracking and accountability KPI publishing poll results - BandyWorks Accountability research May, 2014

KPI Sharing- How does your company compare?

As part of our tracking and accountability work, we study best practices. We want to see how companies are using KPI’s in their drive for higher sales and better operational results. The May Poll is complete and the results are in.  Please check our Survey page for a more detailed survey regarding how companies are publishing […] more...

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