Start small with Big Data and focus on actionable insights that drive results

7 Tips for Big Data Success

Experienced Big Data users understand the paradox – Big data starts small. Rather than rush to implement new techniques and technology a small win can help to drive big results. Patience is often hard when there are big problems to solve, but creating a solid foundation for success can make things go faster when you […] more...

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Greg Fairchild and the UVA Darden School of Business lead a prison entrepreneurial program at Dillwynn Correctional Institute

Accountability lessons from prison

Standing in the Sally port waiting to enter Dillwyn Correctional Institute on a clear spring afternoon, a cold reality of prison life encloses each instructor. The course they are about to lead is an experiment to prepare inmates for successful re-entry to society. Can convicted felons operate a successful business after they complete their sentence? […] more...

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Community business work with local non-profits

Social Capital – A surprising reminder for entrepreneurs

Social Capital – A surprising reminder for entrepreneurs Dr. John Thomas of the UVA Cooper Center presented a summary of how communities are using a new approach to address challenging socio-economic situations at the Crater Community Hospice breakfast meeting at Virginia State University on April 2, 2014. The breakfast commemorated the 20th year of service […] more...

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Healthcare Big Data

Healthcare Big Data Trends

Examining our health system to see how Big Data can improve results What a great summary of how Big Data analytics, ETL and Dashboards can improve outcomes: Active decision making, statistical support for treatments, performance accountability, collaboration, regulatory compliance, remote service, planning, logistical support of operations. Read more on this article with our friends at […] more...

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Pentaho CTools Dashboard

Convenience Store Performance Analytics like Google Dashboard

Managing Convenience Store performance like Google analytics manages a web site Google analytics uses key performance indicators to show how a web site is performing. With this information you can track your web site performance and determine how your marketing programs are working in terms of bringing people to a site and getting them to […] more...

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