Joe Sheetz brand discussion August 7 2013

The – ‘Accidental’ Sheetz Brand

I had the good fortune to attend a Sheetz vendor meeting at which Joe Sheetz, the next CEO shared a bit of the history regarding the company’s valuable brand. He discussed how the brand was built ‘accidently’ rather than by a marketing plan. He explained how it as created without specific intent. As I listened, […] more...

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Sheetz Award

Vinodh and Tom receive the Sheetz VIP Vendor 2013

Vinodh and Tom received the Sheetz VIP Vendor 2013 award at the distribution center in Altoona, Pa. Each year the IT team shares their goals for the next year and recognizes vendors who helped them in the current year. Steve Winegardner, Programming Services Manager at Sheetz stated that he appreciated the flexible work and willingness […] more...

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